Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Few of My Favorites at the Marburger Farm Antique Show

As I have mentioned before, here, it is antique season in Texas.

 One of my favorites, and one of the largest venues for finding just about any vintage or antique treasure you might imagine, is the
  Marburger Farm Antique show.

Several of my absolute favorite dealers anywhere will be here again and promise not to disappoint.

Janet, from
  Talk Sweet Talk,

 will be set up in the old farm house at the show.

I first met Janet when she was set up at Cole's several years ago. I have not seen her in a while, but I follow her most creative and inspiring blog. She has the best eye and I was smitten immediately with her knack for display, her collections, and her sense of design in setting up her booth at the show.

 Like so many of the people I have met in the antique business, she is just the nicest person and a delight to visit with.

 Talented and clever,  and you will love what Janet does with

Another favorite, whose booth I fell in love with before I ever met her, belongs to Nance.

Nance writes a blog, My Favorite French Antiques, and her booth at the show
promises to tempt me, again, with antique paintings like this one of two dogs......

Gorgeous, yes?

Nance also has tons of beautiful French furniture and accessories.

Paintings, architectural fragments, tapestries, mirrors............
Nance's booth will not disappoint you!!

Setting up at Marburger for the first time,

but a long time vendor at the square in Round Top,

 is Richard Schmidt.

I have only met Richard and his wife Janet a few times, but they are guaranteed to be a hit at Marburger.

Ohmygosh, I'll take one of each please!

As life would have it, and not surprisingly, Richard and his wife are
friends with another longtime favorite of mine,

Vintage Sculpture creators,

Brad and Sundie Ruppert.

I have several of their charming and oh so clever sculptures and it has been fun watching them grow in recognition and popularity over the past years.

"Let Your Love Shine Thru"
I bought this fabulous piece quite a while ago and love it more every day.
 It has moved around my house and sits in my bedroom now. Like any piece of good art, it intrigues me every time I look at it, noticing different details Brad and Sundie created.

Sculptures range from folky angels, horses, hearts and arrows and fabulous mirrors.

Every size and color imaginable and the most clever combination of materials you will ever see!

I have longed for this piece ever since I saw it.
Full of personality and color, it is a prize example of their work. I case you can't find room for a cupboard, they make tons of smaller pieces of folk art that are just delightful.

Old friends, Alan and Lindra of Parkhouse Antiques  set up at Marburger and always have the most beautiful booth.

These photos were taken last year.  I can't wait to see what they do next week!

I have shared with you just a smidge of what you will see at this show.

From the most elegant to the most quirky, and everything in between, this show gets better every year. Be sure to visit the website and try to get here any time next week between Tuesday, March 29 and Saturday, April 2.

If you have favorite dealers at Marburger, or you are a dealer at Marburger and would like to be featured here at Hill Country House, please leave me a comment and I will be happy to post about you!

All photos used in this post either my own or were taken from the site referenced.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

San Francisco in "Full Bloom"

 I had the most wonderful request a few months ago.
My daughter, (soon to be college graduate daughter, I might add!) called and asked me if I might like to spend spring break with her "someplace really cool, and just look at tons of art in galleries and museums?" 

You can imagine how flattered and excited I was by this request, and of course I got right on the planning of our trip!

 I chose San Francisco for several reasons, not the least of which had to do with airline miles and hotel points, making the trip affordable.

I also wanted to visit some place my daughter had not been, a city where we could walk a lot and use public transportation and not have to have a rental car.


Of course, great architecture, design and lots of art were a given requirement!!

 The first afternoon, both of us bleary eyed from getting up at 4:00a.m. and long flights, we began to wander around the city.

Wander and stumble along we did, having no real plan for that afternoon. 

We were not sure how long we would last before heading back to the hotel for an early dinner and sleep.

As luck would have it, we came across Gump's and of course, wandered inside to poke around.

We were thrilled with what we found.

  An installation called "Full Bloom",  mixing the wonderfully colorful paintings of David LeBatard, also known as Lebo, with all of the gorgeous home furnishings of Gump's, was taking place in the store.

 We were enthralled with the show, and had the pleasure of meeting a most helpful and friendly Gump's associate, Mark Murphy, who was happy to answer our questions and show us around the exhibit.

"David "LEBO" Le Batard is a Cuban-American Postmodern Cartoon Expressionist celebrated for both his fine art & civic works projects. Lebo is recognized for his murals, sculptures and paintings, but has gained notoriety through his live painting performances alongside music industry veterans such as Willie Nelson and The Indigo Girls."

Clearly super talented in a totally new realm for me, I absolutely appreciate his work.
However, on a personal level, the paintings at Gump's appeal to me a lot more than his cartoon style.

Gump's, Painting by Lebo

 Gorgeous glassware , linens, pottery and flowers just popped in front of this large canvas. 


Window displays were whimsical and art filled. Love the large green pepper and giant blue egg, and am so sorry I didn't learn more about them!


 Brilliant colors and large bold strokes make for strong, happy paintings. I still am not sure which one is my favorite.

I love the dark background and the full, vibrant flowers with the title "After the Rain".

Check out this video to see the Full Bloom opening night.

Wish we had been there!
We also had the serendipitous pleasure of seeing some of Lebo's work on the side of a hotel - appropriately name Hotel des Artes, a charming boutique hotel in the city.


       To see how this mural came about, check out this video~

So, to say we had a fabulous trip is an understatement. We saw great art, great fashion and of course, ate great food!

Hope you have enjoyed this little fragment of our adventure! 

Happy Spring!


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