Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lazy Christmas Afternoon Eye Candy

I took these images from my Pinterest boards, which means they came from someone else, and from someone else before that , and someone else before that, and so on.
Thank goodness we share.....but the downside to so much sharing these days is that the initial creative source so often does not get due credit.

So, to those of you who initially posted these on Pinterest, thank you......

To the designers of these spaces, and to the homeowners, thank you!!

They make my heart sing!! 

Let me know who you are and I will shout your praises from the tree tops!!

 To all of you who took these splendid colorful photographs, let me know and I will also shout your praises from the tree tops!

To all of you who continue to visit and read my blog, in spite of my inconsistency in posting, my random subject matter in the areas of art, design and antiques.....................or whatever moves me at that moment, thank you!! 
I really am flattered that you take the time to read Hill Country House.

I am crazy for the colors, the composition of texture, of form, and scale, and light in these rooms.
They are delicious to me! 

This, from the girl who also loves contemporary, modern  architecture. 

I know, I know....go figure!!

I love the simplicity of this space....

and the busyness of this space....

A Jeffrey Bilhuber designed room, I am sure, but from where, I am not sure. 

I grab them and save them whenever I run across them  (the images, not the rooms...I wish).

 I know this is a room designed by Peter Dunham. I have loved these chairs for many years. Maybe one day I will get to have some!

I think this image, too, came from my Peter Dunham collection of photos. 
 Love his comfortable mix of style and color.

Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2012!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Design - Holiday Blogging Block

I think this happened to me last year about this time. 

Between wanting to be with family, wanting to decorate the house, or not, addressing Christmas cards, cooking, figuring out gifts for teachers, friends and family, and on and on .....well, blogging just does not come up on the priority list.

 My friend, Jan's, wonderful house last Christmas.

  I guess if the spirit moved me, if the creative juices flowed, I would make the time, but it just isn't happening. 

. My friend, Barbara's, faux bois bowl of ornaments - to die for, right?

Blogger's block.
Have you had it? Do you have it?


So, for all of you incredibly nice people who choose to read my blog, I thank you so much, and ask you to be patient with me. 

One day I will be creative and thoughtful and inspired to post again. 

Until then, have a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

 All photos mine from Christmas 2010 with the exception of the ones noted.


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