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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Design on the Oregon Coast

While vacationing with our girls on the coast of Oregon last week, I stumbled upon the most marvelous home furnishings and art gallery.

Honestly, it was to be a family vacation - strictly family. Kayaking, biking, walking on the beaches and through the forests - (amazing forests!!) , good food and conversation, maybe a movie or two - just the four of us. No distractions from home, no work for my husband, no antiquing for mom. Just TIME together somewhere beautiful and cool, away from the Texas heat.

We were literally turning around in a parking lot and I caught a glimpse of this charming shop. Oh my, I thought I had better "take a spin through", as we say in our family when we know we should move on, but we just have to check something out.

I had stumbled upon Sesame and Lilies , owned by Diane Speakman, in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Everywhere I turned I saw something else I loved - some things I have in my home already, and some things I wish I had in my home! 

Patriotic memorabilia, ironstone and transfer ware,  colorful blankets, French linens, rugs..................

As I wandered through the shop, I stopped to ask the woman behind the counter if the shop belonged to her. Yes, she replied, to which I said something like "Oh, is just sooooo wonderful" and proceeded to gush about loving everything there and who knows what else..... design fool that I am.

Any and all of the Dash and Albert rugs you could ever choose..................

Old silver, old linens, new linens.....................

Shells, wonderful old bottles, birds nests..........................

Did I mention lighting, painted furniture, slip covered chairs, and sofas?

Faux bois pots,  mirrors, baskets, trays........................

 Crazy about these large paintings of shore birds, I asked Diane if the artist represented in the shop was local. Yes, she answered and there are more paintings upstairs.

Upstairs? there is MORE to this fabulous design haven?

Oh yes, lots more.

More beautiful paintings, more accessories, more furnishings.................

I loved these paintings! I really would have loved to have brought one home with me. When I talked to Diane a bit more about them, she confessed - she is actually the artist who paints these beautiful images! What a talented woman.

As we chatted some more, we discovered we are both originally from Texas, both love Maine and Oregon, and both love antiques......................kindred spirits. My visit with Diane was delightful and I can't recommend a visit to Sesame and Lilies enough if you find yourself even close to Cannon Beach.

Diane and her husband live in Oregon, but own several properties in Maine, as well. Her husband hails from that part of the country, and as I see it, they have the best of both worlds at this point in their lives. They spend time at their cabin on Little Cranberry Island, Maine, in the summer, and have a cottage rental in Southwest Harbor, Maine, as well.

For a visual treat, or to check availability on their cottage, visit Rice Cottage here.

Photo from Country Living Magazine

The cottage was featured in Country Living magazine a few years ago and you can read the article by clicking on the link under the photo. I would rent it in a heartbeat.

In closing, here are a few more offerings at this most wonderful coastal shop!

Eye candy!


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