Thursday, August 25, 2011

Antiques at Just Folk - Just Fabulous

 I am not sure when I first learned of Just Folk, but their website has long been a favorite of mine. Sometimes when I begin to feel my folk art is strange or not as valuable as whatever the latest trend is in antiques or decorating, all I have to do is visit this charming venue to remember the love I have for and the value of, simply charming, extraordinary art created by artists of all walks of life.

 So, recently while planning a trip to visit some colleges out west, I thought to visit this favored website and find out just where in California it is. Imagine my excitement to realize it would literally be right down the road  from where we would be!!

And, as good fortune would have it, we had a day in between college visits. 

I don't have to tell you what we did with our time!
The building was custom designed for the Just Folk gallery. You can read the whole story here.

The rest of my adventure will unfold here. 
I don't think I need to say much. You will see that this is a very special place filled with folk art TREASURE of all sorts. 

Enjoy the photos and leave me a comment if you have a question, or better yet, go visit

 One of my favorites - Miss Orange Lips.

This is the inside of the elevator used to go to the second floor. 
Imagine decorating the elevator!! 
How clever is that?

 If you take the stairs rather than the elevator, this big fella is waiting to greet you at the top!

 Mr. Flat Top - isn't he the best!!??

Have you ever in your life seen such a fun way to designate the restrooms!! The sliding doors themselves are to die for!

 I LOVE this guy with his little tin bowler and his funny, primitive legs. Looks like he is just about to dance!

 I took several photos of the space in general. It is perfect for showcasing this amazing collection of American folk art, Traditional antiques and very special outsider art.

And maybe my favorite guy of the whole day......

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Thanks for reading Hill Country House!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Design - in the Texas Hill Country!

 I know, I know...... I just wrote a long post about changing my focus and not writing about Fredericksburg or the hill country as much any more.

Then....just yesterday, this fabulous, fresh new linen designer popped up on my radar (well, actually my side bar where the blog for red is featured among my favorites) .

Meet Theresa Heard. 
Lovely and talented Theresa Heard.
Theresa is not actually a new designer. She has tons of design experience from years at the Homestead and now at red.
However, she has recently created her OWN designs in linens and they are featured exclusively at red.

Her line is called Idlewild, and it is delightful.

Colorful, whimsical, and tons of fun to blend - either with other linen designs, or just all together!


If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, I am a color girl. 

I love the look of all white and cream - it's dreamy, calming, and ethereal......

BUT what turns me on, makes me smile, sets my heart aflutter, is great color and pattern.

I have long been a fan of John Robshaw and was thrilled when red began carrying his linens. 

His pieces look fabulous mixed with Theresa's. 

Her pieces look fabulous on their own.

Let me just say here, folks, John Robshaw better look out.

Here comes Theresa Heard.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Look, New Plan, Still Me

When I started my blog on a whim, literally at midnight one night, I thought I would write about all things design in the Texas Hill Country.
The name of my blog came to me in reference to my house and many in my area. There is a classic hill country style of architecture originated by the Germans who settled in this area, that is prominent in our town and surrounding towns.

Many of the houses here are restored historical homes, or newly built homes replicating the old German architecture.
In my first posts in 2007,  I took you on a tour of my home, a classic hill country house, here.

Standing seam metal roofs and big, wide porches are common to the style.

I took you on a visit to my friend, Barbara's house here

and to see my friend, Alice's house here.

Both have distinctive hill country styles.

Fredericksburg is a charm filled town with tons of cute shops, fine restaurants, and just about any kind of accommodations you could ever imagine. 
 You can stay at your standard motel or at the most fabulous bed and breakfast you could ever dream of.

Here I introduced you to my friend, Carolyn's,  bed and breakfast, Abby's, which was being featured in Mary Engelbreit's magazine at the time.

Carolyn also manages and buys for red in Fredericksburg, one of several very cool home furnishing and design hot spots here.

Over the past four years,   I have had the opportunities to travel. 

I have visited great art museums and galleries, design shops and quaint inns. I have met fascinating and creative people. I enjoy setting up at my hill country shows, but

 I love  going to great antique shows!

 I really, really enjoy seeing how other set up their booths. I love the creative forces behind styling and display.

 For so long I have not known who I am as a blogger - my posts are random and sporadic. Sometimes they are about the hill country, very often, not.

Yes, I write it for fun and there are no set hours.

Cerrtainly the only pay is self satisfaction, AND the wonderful people I have met and the education they have given me.

Still, my desire to define who I am in this blogging world is very much present.
I realized long ago by my inclination to post about all sorts of things that I did not want to limit my blog to the Texas hill country, as much as I love it!

So, with some help from the ever so gracious Shari, at Little Blue Deer, I have reorganized my blog and sport a hew header!
  All of my old posts are still here, but when I write specifically about art, or antiques, or some aspect of design, those posts will be referenced as so in my categories at the top of the page.

I will also be titling my posts in reference to the artist, the gallery, the designer, etc. so they are more clearly defined and found.

Not all that different for you, dear reader, but still, a better definition of what my blog is about and what you can expect to find here.

For example, I would like to tell you A LOT about  artist , America Martin, whose work I adore .

Or the story of these shoes, created by artist Brian White, called Tsunami Shoes.

Or architects I love, like:

Craig Kinney of  Kinney Franke Architects

Rather than random posts about this and that, I hope to become focused on information based posts about those areas of art, antiques and design that speak to me.

I hope they speak to you, too!

Thank you so much for reading Hill Country House, and thank you especially for taking the time to leave your comments!


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