Saturday, July 23, 2011

Damn Hot, Mommy

One day, many years ago, the little princess in the blue dress (with chocolate pudding on her face) arrived home after morning soccer practice.

I greeted her with
"Hey Sweet Pea, how was soccer practice today?"
To which this little toot replied..........

"It was DAMN hot, Mommy".

At that point my assistant, you know, the mothering ten year old, (pink dress, top picture) gave me a sideways glance and whispered "Did you HEAR what she said?!!"

Ever the diligent mother, I asked the precious little foul mouthed one.....

"Excuse me, what did you say?"

I said  "It was DAMN hot, Mommy".

The conversation continued....

"Oh honey, we don't say DAMN......

We say "It was hot as fire" or "It was hot as blazes" or even "It was REALLY, REALLY hot"
 (raising my voice to sound silly and emphasize REALLY)


Finally, with a look of resignation, like... You . just. do. not. get it.....

"But Mommy, it WAS damn hot. "
And so it was, and it still is.......



All photos from my personal dream files. If I have used one without crediting you, please leave a comment for me and I will do so. Thanks!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Design - Maine House

We had lunch with friends yesterday in a charming old house built in the 1800s.

Restored to a modern character, while still respecting the home's history,

my friend's home is simple and elegant.

It reflects her style, understated and lovely.

I knew I was in for a treat at the entry hall.
Gorgeous simplicity.

Looking from the entry into the living room.

.....and back the other way.

Hhmmm.... I am feeling a bit covetous.

 Lobster floats in the best colors....and the stands are fabulous.

I love elevating simple things to to the art that they truly are.

Perfect, cozy sitting room.

Love the mirror.

 White porcelain fruits and vegetables - love.

 Fine, sculptural white vases.

Delightful dining room with great art - so wish I had gotten a closer view for you.

The old marble top on this sideboard is fabulous with a wonderful aged  patina.

 Love the red floor and Thomas Moser bar stools.

Thomas Moser bench under the window.
Splendid simplicity, again.

Wonderful dimensional art by Maine artist Barbara Sullivan.

Of course, I had a fit over this fixture.

It has traveled from New Orleans to Dallas to Rockport, Maine.
Here it is again!

Kids play and movie room - I could hang here!

Ooohhhh, the gardens. We had lunch at that table you see on the patio.

All of the window screens push out from the window like the ones you see here. The weather was so mild and perfect that the doors and windows were all just wide open for the day.


 I love the architectural lines of the house - the three tiers of the roof line.

Our lunch salad was made from lettuce picked from the gardens.

 Beautifully restored barn/out building.
Maybe the most charming fort ever!!
Portrait of a boy.

Happy 4th of July!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Natural beauty.

Historical beauty

Fishing nets....... lovely colors and weaves......

 Art and design beauty

 Painted floor scrumptiousness.
Amazing chairs.
Camden, Maine

 Carver Hill Gallery

Rockland, Maine

Later gator.


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