Monday, October 22, 2012


So ..... it all started here, or perhaps I should say.... ended here.

 With this grand event my life took a different turn and the inspiration to post on Hill Country House faded. Not intentionally - it just did.

Design, architecture, decorating, art, antiques, all that great stuff that I love  - well, sitting down to post about them just took a back seat to other things during the month of May.....and then June, July, August, September......

 Our family became immersed in the wonderful business of high school graduation and all that it entails, family celebrations, family vacations, college orientation and move in.

 It's been a fast ride and one full of joy, tears, challenges and lots of goodness.

I ran into one of my blog readers the other day at an antique show where I was set up.
(I have managed to keep up my business, a little.)

 She said the kindest and dearest things to me.

 She told me that she had worried about me since I had not posted in such a long time.
 I was touched that someone noticed.

She told me that her husband had been very ill.

She said that sometimes in the middle of the night when she can't sleep she reads my blog.

When I apologized for not posting in such a long time, she said

"That's okay, I read your old posts and look at old photos."

 "You take me away." 

"You take me places that I can't go right now in my life."

"You show me art and antiques and interesting things that I can't travel to see right now."

She touched me in a way I can't quite describe.

 We bloggers measure ourselves on the number of comments we receive. how many readers and how many followers.......

 We measure ourselves and our blogs on how creative we can be, how original and interesting our posts are.

In the back of my mind,  I have felt some sort of failure at not posting in such a long time. 

Yet in my heart I know I have been taking care of what is most important to me.

My surprise and my blessing is to have heard that I have brought joy to one person, at a time in her life when she needs to be fed, to be inspired, to be distracted.

 Her words meant more to me than any number of comments on a blog post, any stats on how many people read a post.

 Her candidness about her life and her feelings touched me in the deepest sense.

She reminded me of how often we are so absorbed in our own lives, what we are doing or not doing......that we don't realize or even think about what others are experiencing.


Thank you, thank you so much for opening your heart to me.

I am "awarof" you, my sweet friend.


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