Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Antique Goodness!

 HOW could I have forgotten to mention the Dolly Johnson Show in Ft. Worth?!!

One of my favorite quotes (get ready - this is profound) is in the movie Freedom Writers. Hillary Swank plays young, innovative teacher, Erin Gruwell,  in a classroom of at risk students, hoping to inspire them in many ways.

In one scene, hoping to use their jargon, she says "My badness", misquoting the expression "My bad".

 For some reason the misuse of this expression just tickled me when I heard it, and continues to amuse me.  I think because misusing this expression is sooo something I might do!

So, I use it frequently,  just to watch my girls roll their eyes for the umpteenth time.
(Anyone ever say "thank your"? Know where I got that?)

Oh, how easily I can digress...............OK,  back to antiques.

This morning, as I was enjoying my coffee and my Maine Antique Digest  I came across two ads for shows I really should have included in my last post.

It is a little scary that I actually THOUGHT "uh oh, my badness" to myself. 
 You see, I really only use the expression  to annoy and embarrass my children, really.

 So, the Dolly Johnson Show in Ft. Worth, Texas, will be this March 11 and 12 and has always been a great antique show. 
The show has been in existence for many years and is one of the first I used to attend regularly when we lived in Big D. 

The show was a lot of this.............

and this..........

Not that there is one thing wrong with those things! 

I love good old American antiques, quilts and painted furniture and chests.

It's just that the show has grown with the years and now you will also see
 gorgeous French antiques,

 and all sorts of garden antiques,

and vintage Western wear, and the list goes on and on!
To read the history of the show and find out who Dolly Johnson was, go here.

To read about the show today and about new owner, Jan Orr - Harter, go here 

Jan has long been visible at antique shows with her gorgeous salt and pepper hair, her fabulous finds, and sometimes with her precious sidekick, Della.
You may also know her as the genius behind Hot Tamale Antiques. 

From the looks of last year's show, Jan has figured out how to keep the long standing and respected show just as good and traditional for the folks who love it that way, but has added new blood and new looks to the mix of booths and merchandise. to the hand!

 I see some gorgeous decorative pieces here.

Love big old advertising things - maybe that is what this flower urn was?

So, if you can make your way to Ft. Worth on March 11 - 12. it looks like another great antique show!!!

Now, back to Nashville. How could I forget the Fiddler's Antique Show, named so because it actually is at the Fiddler's Inn, on Music Valley Drive near Opryland, in Nashville. 

Dealers set up in their rooms and shoppers move from one room to the next. 

It is quite clever, actually, how dealers manage to rearrange their space for the best show display.

Sadly, I have searched and searched for some photos of the show at Fiddler's Inn and cannot find a thing!

If you do this show or have photos from shopping this show and want to send them to me, I'd be happy to post them. 

Regardless, if you find your self in Nashville during February, you really should try to make it to some of the shows. 

They will be good, I can promise you that!

Once again, happy hunting!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Antique Season 2011 is Upon Us!!

A reader asked me to notify her of the antique shows coming up in the spring in Texas.

 I will be happy to do so, and to go beyond that and list some others around the country that are in the near future. 

Let me know in a comment if you want to add any to the list! All are welcome since we are all over the country as bloggers and antique lovers, right?

As I mentioned here this past weekend was the American Antique Show in NYC. As a follow up I would like to mention some fun facts I learned today here.

Photo Source

According to Nancy Gibson, of's Design in TellLeatherwood Antiques had quite the turnout in their booth with Martha Stewart, Bunny Williams, and John Roselli all in the booth at the same time!

Leatherwood specializes in early children's pottery.

This little historical treasure was in the booth of Just Folk, from California.

If you didn't visit their website when I posted before, you really should.
 It is so well done and such fun!
According to Nancy, the hooked rug was purchased by a client of Mary Douglas Drysdale, an amazing designer who incorporates Americana into many of her designs.
This would be such a great show to is on my bucket list!

Speaking of Americana, the big Heart of Country Show is coming up in Nashville in February.

It is one of the prettiest shows I have ever seen. It is held at the Opryland Hotel and begins February 17, with Thursday evening's preview party,  and runs through Saturday, February 19.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about two other shows going on in Nashville during the same few days.
The Tailgate Antique Show
  is held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds and is also a fabulous show.
I went last year and saw some stunningly beautiful booths full of really, really good antiques.

February 17-19, 2011

Show Hours
Thursday early bird:
8 a.m. to noon
$40 early bird admission includes both Tailgate and Music Valley plus readmission all three days.
General Admission
Thursday- noon to 5 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
$12 per day includes both shows

Yet another great show in Nashville is the Music Valley Show.

Click here for the scoop on both shows at the fairgrounds.

It runs in conjunction with the Tailgate show, also at the fairgrounds.
These shows used to be held at different hotels in the Opryland area and I remember trudging through snow and rain, across roads and highways to visit all the different hotel rooms where dealers set up. It was an adventure and fun, but the new set up is much easier on many levels.

The new venue at the fairgrounds makes for two unique, big, incredible shows, offering many more creature comforts!

February 17-19, 2011

Show Hours
Thursday early bird:
8 a.m. to noon
$40 early bird admission includes both Tailgate and Music Valley plus readmission all three days.
General Admission
Thursday- noon to 5 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
$14 per day includes both shows
CONFUSED? Don't be. Just show up at the fairgrounds during the times mentioned and you will see two beautiful antique shows all in one area.

Another beautiful show is the
 Nashville Antiques and Garden Show, held a little bit earlier in February, from the preview party on Thursday, February 10 through Sunday, February 13.

There will be several guest lecturers, one of whom is Charlotte Moss! Check out the show website for details.

Now, on to a Texas show that is smaller than the above, but a very good show.

It is the Boerne Antique Show, held at the park in Boerne, Texas. Boerne is just outside of San Antonio in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This year the show will be the weekend of February 26 - 27.

This was my booth last year. It is a little picked over in this photo as it was a very busy morning. This show brings antique lovers from all around the area and is one of the most popular of the Texas smaller shows.

Of course, folks are gearing up all over Texas for the Round Top show and all that encompasses!

During the last few weeks of March dealers begin setting up all along Highway 237 outside of Round Top. Lots and lots of dealers set up around and in Warrenton, Texas.There are so many different shows going on up and down this highway that I could never mention them all. For different dates and locations go to
The Show Daily.

I will mention some of them, and if I miss you and you want to be featured, let me know!

The Zapp Hall show is a fun show. Zapp Hall is on Hwy. 237 between Warrenton and Round Top. There are dealers inside as well as all around the outside of Zapp Hall.

There is good food to be had and lots of spirited activity, music, and great dealers.

This show runs from Friday, March 25 through Saturday April 2.

Zapp Hall is a real place and is chock full of great antiques during the season.

Cole's Antique Show, also on the road from Warrenton to Round Top, runs from March 24 through Saturday, April 2, and is full of over 200 dealers. It is also in an air conditioned building with real bathrooms. If you have ever been to these shows you know why these are worth mentioning!

Another show down the road a piece is Ex-Cess, where dealers like Ed and Michael from Leftovers in Brenham, Texas have set up in the past.
There are other high end dealers in this show and it is definitely worth a stop.

A popular stop as you get further down the road towards Round Top is

Known for great antiques, fabulous displays and good food, this is a must stop. Even if you don't buy, the displays and tons of merchandise is all eye candy!

No list of antique shows would be complete without mentioning the FAMOUS

Marburger Farm Antique Show!

The show will be from Tuesday, March 29 through Saturday, April 2 this spring.

Getting bigger and better every year, the Marburger Show has something for everyone. From the finest of European antiques, to the quirkiest of folk art, to the finest of early country antiques, you have to see it to believe it!

The show is well managed and has lots of spots to rest your feet and enjoy a delicious sandwich or snack, or a glass of wine or margarita at the end of a long, full day.
I can't tell you how much fun this show is. Lots of bloggers will be writing about it in the weeks to come.

Here are just a few of my favorites from years past...............

Last, (for this list, but not for the season)

but never least by any means, is the show that started it all years ago.

The Round Top Antique Show

Mar. 30, 31, Apr. 1, 2, 2011
Big Red Barn & Tent, Continental Tent
Carmine Dance Hall
Big Red Barn location open
9am to 8pm on Wednesday and
9am to 5pm Thursday through Friday
and 9am to 4pm on Saturday
Carmine Dance Hall open 9am to 5pm all days
Admission $10 Good for all days at all locations.

There you have it - the details.

Now for some photos from past shows.....

All photos from the Round Top show website

This is a show of quality dealers, good food, indoor restrooms and air conditioning.
 Like I said before, if you are a seasoned "Round Topper" you know why I mention some of these details!
If this will be your first trip, it won't take you long to figure out it is usually hot in Texas,
 Spring or Fall,

and port-a-potties get old, really old, fast!

NOW, lest you think I am finished......not so fast!

After you have so much fun at the above mentioned shows, you might find that when you go home you feel a little let down, a little withdrawal, shall we say, from antiquing.

Food doesn't taste as good, your kids and pets aren't as cute, you just can't get excited about anything......
Wait, you are not depressed. You just need another ANTIQUE FIX!

Well, hang on for just a few more weeks, and then make your way to


for the best little country antique show around!

Comfort Park
403 Hwy 27, Comfort Texas
Only 1 hour from San Antonio on IH-10 West

Saturday - April 30, 2011 - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday - May 1, 2011 - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Come see me at the Boerne show and the Comfort show, and meanwhile, enjoy the plethora of  spring shows!
Chin up - the fun will begin soon.

Happy hunting!

Friday, January 21, 2011

MORE on Ruby's Incredible Button Suit!

RUN, DON'T walk, right now, to my friend Dixie Redmond's blog

where she has done the homework on

Ruby's Incredible Button Suit

Dixie was the first to comment on my post about the American Antiques Show and let me know that she had posted about the button suit and linked back to me. I was THRILLED to read her post and especially to see the photo of Ruby and her husband, Jake, modeling the suit..... Ruby sitting close by, smiling quietly, but proudly.

Dixie also linked to a wonderful blog site, Accidental Mysteries, which I can't wait to get back to.

I love that Ruby is being honored, as she should be. What talent.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The American Antiques Show NYC


         Oh how I wish I could be at the opening preview tonight for the American Antiques Show in NYC!

The show benefits the The American Folk Art Museum, one of my favorite places in all of NYC. 

 I have to share with you just a few of the dealers who will be set up at the show.

I have chosen a few treasures from some of their websites. 

 These are not necessarily what they will have a the show - I should make that clear.

I have just visited their websites to torture myself since I can't go to the show.

 First up, a BUTTON SUIT......have you ever in your wildest dreams thought of such a thing?

Well, apparently Ruby Ann Kittner from Iowa did, and she created it sometime in the 1930s.


                                                                       Harvey Antiques
I found this wonderful oddity at Harvey Antiques. 
Pay a visit for more fabulous and unusual folk art unless, of course, you are going to the show. Lucky.

        The fabulous tramp art hanging shelf and the amazingly clever assemblage of wood, wheels and a fan (created by Paul Hart) in the form of a goose come from Just Folk, an amazing shop in California.

I really, really want to visit there one of these days!
     The Just Folk website is really well done and fun with great music to browse by!                          

                        These precious creatures were a store window display in the 1930s.
 Oh.My.Gosh. Have  you ever seen anything so funny and charming!?  

                   Leatherwood specializes in 19th century children's pottery and has a grand collection of    little mugs and plates with different names on them. Most charming!

                              If you need any sort of textile, a fabulous quilt, a hooked rug, or a quirky piece of folk art  I am sure that  Stella Rubin will have quite the booth at the show! 

         Her website is phenomenal and I wanted to include more photos than I could!                                   

                               Gorgeous Streak of Lightening quilt circa 1870 from Stella Rubin.

                                 Folk art guitar from assembled parts, also from Stella Rubin.


                                                            American Primitive Gallery   

                   "GOOGLY EYED CAT This old cat toy was well worn and loved.It's tail is longer than its  feet, the google eyes can still follow your movements, yet its squeeze meower is silent. Painted oilcloth (with bow tie) red cloth edging and now an AP metal base". 

(from the American Primitive Gallery website) 
What a sweet black cat!

While I can't really choose a favorite among the dealers I have mentioned (and there are a lot more - visit the website for the show) I have to say that the website of Jeff Bridgeman is very interesting, educational and fun to peruse. His antiques are of a really high quality and in many cases he explains why they are valued as they are and what to look for in similar examples. Here are a few of my favorites, but do visit here is you want to see and learn more.


Paint decorated Maine blanket box with a beautiful and unusual form, on a bracket base, retaining its first surface red background and black brush-work designs. The various geometric patterns on the front and sides are punctuated by the two consecutive square medallions on the top. Dated “1856” on the back. Pine construction. Outstanding early condition.

                                         (Text quoted from Jeff Bridgeman Antiques.)


This little Quebec two-door cupboard / server has the nicest combination of Robin’s egg blue and red paint that any collector could wish for on a piece of country furniture. This has been present since the mid-late 19th century and is over an original surface that may have originally been blue as well, but which oxidized and faded to light green, as very early blue often does on rural, North American furniture.

Made between 1810 and 1830, it’s simple and sturdy form has recessed paneled doors with great chamfering on the reverse and is nicely molded on the top and bottom. The top surface is scrubbed and has a very pleasant, honey-colored patina.
                                                  (Text quoted from Jeff Bridgeman Antiques)

While my taste runs towards the casual and folky, there will certainly be some more formal and exquisite antiques at this show. The website of Charles and Rebekah Clark is chock full of fine and beautiful antiques like these sconces.

John Keith Russell has wonderful American antique furnishings and I particularly love this clock from New Hampshire

                                                       and this darling wagon seat, c. 1810.

                  So there you have it - a little sample of a big show in New York this weekend!
Oh, and by the way, some of our favorite designers are on the Interior Designers' Committee for the show - people like Mario Buatta, Miles Redd, and Vincente Wolf. On the Virginia Committee of Honor are Bunny Williams, John Roselli, and Charlotte Ross. Mmmmm...hhmmmmmm - just thought I'd drop a few names!!

Wonder if there any any cheap flights to NYC tomorrow?


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