Friday, October 21, 2011

Design - A Beautiful and Gracious Dallas Home

I had the privilege and the pleasure of staying with my dear childhood friend , Darla, when I went back to Dallas for our high school reunion several weeks ago. 
  Darla and her husband live in an older neighborhood in the city, in an old English Tudor cottage that exudes charm from every corner.

After looking at drought ridden hill country fields of brown or dead grass for weeks on end this summer, it was a treat to see the lush shade of old trees and green lawns.

Darla's home is not overly decorated, but filled with exquisite antiques, art and lovely furnishings that she and her husband have collected over the years.

They both have incredibly good taste, and everything just fits, reflecting exactly who they are.
(yes, my favorite style of decorating)

This large light fixture in the living room is stunning. I asked if it was original to the house, and no, it is not.
They chose it for the house.
Didn't I tell you they have fabulous taste?

The library, just off of the main living room,  makes me want to curl up right now with a glass of wine and a good read.....or a good friend for a quiet visit.

 We share an interest in art, so my weekend was enriched by all of the great pieces here. This one in particular, by Darren Vigil Gray, is a favorite of mine. 
Can you spot the others  in the house by this magnificent New Mexico artist?

 Looking into the dining room from the living room.......

Wonderful, cozy kitchen filled with Mackenzie Childs pottery of all sorts.............

Oh yes, that is another fabulous fixture that the homeowners chose for themselves.
Wonderful backsplash that is not only fun and whimsical, it works beautifully with the MacKensie Childs pottery.

The patio and pool can be seen from the kitchen and was a wonderful spot to visit with our morning coffee.
 Love the outdoor fireplace.....and the basket and flowers in it! It will be a great spot for a fire in a month or so. Remember, this is Texas.

 I had the complete and total delight of staying in this cozy cocoon while I was there. 
Talk about a nice place to rest my weary head and body! 
I slept like I haven't slept in months.

 Gorgeous guest bath and powder room.

More beautiful art in the hallway to MY room!

Upstairs there is another full sitting room, less formal than downstairs and very comfortable.

A mix of folk art, traditional art, fine antique furnishings, big comfy upholstered pieces and more MacKensie - Childs makes this room a pleasure to be in .  

My eyes were darting here and there, spotting one wonderful thing after another!

Lovely bar with over the top FUN chairs!

Another childhood friend of ours stayed in this charming guest room. 

The dressing table was custom painted years ago by a very talented folk artist from Romania. 
What a piece of art in itself.

Good lighting, plush bedding, a beautiful view from the window - we really wanted to stay a lot longer than the weekend!

The master bedroom is also upstairs and opens on to the fabulous sitting room and bar. 

Who needs to go downstairs?

Okay, well maybe to cook ( I said maybe) and visit the pool now and then.

What a delight it was staying here. 

To be quite frank, I think I could move right in.

Thank you for your hospitality, Darla, 
(and that oh so patient and accommodating husband of yours!)  and for letting me share your beautiful and warm Dallas home.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pedro Friedeberg and the Comfort, Texas Fall Antique Show, 2011

Confession: Sometimes after a show I am actually happy that a few of my favorite things did not sell.

I guess that is because my motto in antiquing for resale is
 "Do not buy anything I wouldn't want to own myself".

  Of course it is pleasing and quite satisfying when someone buys something I have chosen.
  (After all, I am in the business to sell!)

But, sometimes when I can bring a favorite into my home.............well..... let's just say I am not always disappointed.

I was able to bring these giant orbs back into my house and I'm kinda liking them mixed in with my other entry hall favorites.

Found in Maine, they are covered in old braided rugs and scraps from old hooked rugs.
They have a folk art quality, and yet I loved them sitting in my wonderful contemporary hand chairs at the show!

 The chairs, however, did not get to come home with me.

As strange and wonderful as my Pedro Friedeberg knock offs are, I was happy to sell them to my friends Robert and Molly.

I was very tempted to keep them,  and my daughter had a fit over them and really did not want me to take them to the show. 

Alas, it is these eye catching finds that make a booth special at a show and now I will just have to hunt for more strange and wonderful things!

Pedro Friedeberg is a Mexican designer whose iconic hand chair can be seen in many fashionable homes.

All chair images via Apartment Therapy. 

Click here for more great pics of these chairs!

Speaking of eye catching antiques, this fabulous, LARGE rocking horse donkey was in Robert and Molly's booth.
Isn't he the most charming fellow? 
He came from Missouri and will be a sweet addition to someone's folk art collection!! 

(If you are interested let me know and I can put you in touch with Robert and Molly.)

 If I had the perfect spot for him, he would have come to my house!!!

Other dealers had great things at the show - here is a sampling of all things wonderful, from country primitives to formal American and classic English antiques. 
I can always count on my friend, Sandy, to have an abundance of great old painted items, many of them charming old baskets.

She also had these amazing architectural pieces and wonderful old horse with crusty white paint. 

Love it!

If baskets, country primitives and great country furniture are your thing, you can always find a treasure in Nancy's booth.

Barbara Irwin had lots of fabulous baskets, her own folk art paintings, and some great country furniture.
My neighbors at the show, Tammy and Don of The Cheeky Mare, had gorgeous antiques from England and France. They do a beautiful job of mixing high and low.

Great cupola and champagne hop from France.
Gorgeous pillows and an assortment of really good treasure atop a wonderful painted drop leaf table .

Beautiful and fine art and folk art in the booth of my friend, Anita.

Gloria and Jim had the best selection of religious artifacts, but this shepherd and sheep were my favorites.
So dear.
Gracie always has the best primitives and painted furniture.

Of course, Ann Sams never disappoints with her selection of tole trays, textiles and assorted gorgeous antiques.
Another shot of Anita's booth with wonderful and fine furniture and a charming hooked rug, mounted as art, as it should be.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at the show.

Have a wonderful week, and as always, thanks for reading Hill Country House!!


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