Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's that TIME thing again...........

A classic hill country house if there ever was one! This is my friend Barbara's home. I intend to do a full post on it as soon as I sit for more than 5 minutes! Several very kind people have emailed or commented and asked where I have been. I am flattered to have been missed!

I am not sure who I am yet in the blogging world. I think I want to be a writer and post long informative stories with great photos, spending hours at my computer putting together interesting design and art related articles. However, the time factor seems to be my downfall. I love the occasional quick blurbs of other design bloggers who sometimes pen great, detailed posts and other times just a fast, fun photo and fact or two. I guess I am an "all or nothing" girl, and that applies to everything I do - so..... I have been distracted by life and here are a few of the places I have been!
I spent the last two weeks of May in Florence, Italy. I went with three friends to take an art class . We spent mornings in class and afternoons exploring Florence. We toured so many fabulous museums and galleries - too many to mention here. I intend to post more photos and information, again, when time allows. We saw incredible art like the fresco above.............
and beautiful ancient paintings on buildings every where we looked.
We took a walk across the Ponte Vecchio and a lovely look down the Arno River......
to the piazza and buildings surrounding the Duomo........
to quaint little side streets.......... We took a quick train trip to Rome for the weekend and had the world's best tour of the city. I think we saw a week's worth of sights in one day!
We made an unexpected stop on our whirlwind tour of Rome at an outdoor market............beautiful flowers and vegetables of all sorts!
We saw most of the incredible historical places, including............
a visit to the catacombes where Christians were buried............I have lots more to show and tell about Rome at a later date!
............and back to our favorite little grocery market in Florence. The owner is uncovering her goods after an afternoon shower.
June was filled with end of school year activities and preparation for my daughters to go to camp in North Carolina. One is working as a counselor all summer and the other attends for the month of July.
This is a great country house under construction outside of Cashiers, North Carolina. I love the air and the mountains here - it was glorious!

Today I am off to visit my brother and his wife who just had twins last week! I will definitely not be anywhere close to a computer for a few days. I plan to hold babies, change diapers, wash dishes, grocery shop, do laundry....whatever I can to help.

Thanks again to those of you who noticed my absence!


  1. i've noticed! which brother had twins?????

    And - please blog on that house.

    Italy????? I'm so jealous. First Patricia Gray and now you. When me?

    Go look at P's blog - you'll be fascinated at the similarities.

    I've missed you!!!

  2. Oh Italy for 3 weeks sounds wonderful !

  3. My stomach just did tail spins at the sight of that house in North Carolina... So, so fabulous!!

  4. I did miss you and am glad you're back! But what great reasons to be away from blogland. As a mother of twins, kudos to you for pitching in to help. They need it!

  5. Joni - thanks for not forgetting about me! My youngest brother had the twins - he was born when I was 16! It was great to be there with him and his sweet family. Patricia's Italy posts are great - so much more thorough than I could be.

    Cactus Creek - I know what you mean - that house is incredible. It is the perfect style of North Carolina, western,country,just a great mix! I wish I could have snooped around more but we just pulled over along the side of the road for me to snap that shot! Thanks for visiting me.

    painted groove girl - thanks for your visit! So glad you commented - I really enjoyed visiting your blog!

  6. I loved your photos of Florence and Rome - I haven't been back in a few years now and miss it! Thanks for reviving some great memories!

  7. I noticed too! Just let the blog be who you are, it can be about anything, decor when possible, what you're doing....anything. Obviously you have a following. We'll come along.

    I finally changed my blog to keep my interest in it. My hits were higher than when I was blogging, so I thought "I'll just please myself, and hopefully everyone will come along for the ride!" Blogging buddies are very loyal.

    Besides, with that spread of ranch, travels etc., you are bound to have things to say!

    Welcome back!

  8. annechovie -Thank you for your visit. I feel like my pictures and description were so vague - I want to post more photos from the trip when I have time! Glad you enjoyed the post, though.

  9. Hello again... I can't get that house out of my mind!! I showed it to my Hubby and he said we could build one just like it!! {cheesey grin} IF we win the lottery. {eye roll} Maybe I'll buy a ticket this week...

  10. halcyon - thanks for your visit! I am glad you are back too! I check in on you occasionally and had wondered where you went! Thanks for all your kind words.

  11. cactus creek - hey, did you click on the picture to see the house enlarged? It is so fine isn't it!! I want it too!!

  12. Okay, I wandered down a rabbit trail and found your blog - you must tell us more about that HOUSE!!!! I love it. It's like a giant 3D patchwork quilt. I can only imagine how cozy the inside is. Please tell us more.



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