Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I can't tell you how much fun it has been to read everyone's comments on my kitchen dilemma. Thank you all so, so much! I have been considering everyone's opinions and suggestions and will probably continue to do so over the holiday season.

I plan to really study my options - creamy whites, colors, painting all the cabinetry versus just some, perhaps leaving the island the natural pine, figuring out how to make whatever I do cohesive with the rest of the house - I don't know. Hopefully the new year will bring clarity.

 Photo by Nathan Schroder, House Beautiful, November 2007

Meanwhile, here is one of my all time favorite kitchens, designed by Shannon Bowers of Dallas. I am crazy about the antique tile back splash, the simplicity of the cabinetry and hardware, the big window with a simple shade, and the built in shelves for display. I know, it's not a big, fancy designer looking kitchen - it just speaks to my heart. I could be happy here.

  I realize it isn't remotely like what I've got to work with, but I love it all the same! Hmmmm.......did I mention that I love painted floors?


  1. Love this one, too! I know your decision will be spot on.
    (I tried to find your email but couldn't -- probably have way too much to wade through.) I wanted to say something but not in a public forum (now aren't you curious....) -susan

  2. I love that kitchen as well. Great flooring, work spaces and fun hints of green. Whatever you do it will be wonderful!

  3. Your dream kitchen makes me think of warm muffins, good coffee, and GREAT conversations. I wish you luck!


  4. That kitchen is the height of perfection...not over done...elegant, simple, real. And those painted floors...there are so many elements and ideas you could borrow for your kitchen. This would be my muse....

  5. Wonderful kitchen. The tile is gorgeous. Well, everything about that kitchen is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do.

  6. Paint the floors! Great idea. I love painted floors also. I also like the idea of leaving the island unpainted when you paint the rest of the cabinets. That way, you will still have some of that great antique heart pine showing. I think it would be the best of both worlds.

    I like the open shelves in the pictured kitchen.

  7. hi again!

    i hope you'll check out my giveaway -- and play. cheers, -susan

  8. Gorgeous! That is the most gorgeous kitchen. Fresh.Elegant, not "too" much of anything. I could be happy there with you!
    xo Lidy

  9. Wish I could shrinky dink this kitchen and put it in our house. It is perfection but would be hard to realize in our tiny 1880s hunting cabin.
    Maybe in our next house....
    go for it.



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