Monday, February 15, 2010

Hugh Newell Jacobson, or, House Stalking in Nashville

Photo courtesy of Hugh Newell Jacobson 

Back in May of 2009, blogging friend, Laura Casey, did a post on red doors. Her photos were all lovely, but this one in particular caught my eye. It is a house designed by architect, Hugh Newell Jacobson.

Jacobson's designs are a wonderful combination of symmetry and gabled roofs of early American design, along with the simplicity, clean lines and open floor plans of modern architecture.

Laura mentioned that the house is in Nashville and I asked if it might be one I could drive by someday. (You know how we house stalkers are!)

So, this morning, my last in Nashville for a while, I got to thinking about that house again and quickly shot Laura an email, hoping she might be able to tell me exactly where the house is.

Sweet Laura got right back to me within a couple of hours and off I went! She was not able to give me the exact address, but a street intersection was all I needed.

My photo!

I do not think I would be a very good stalker - I mean,  a real one. I am too chicken.

I drove by three times before I even got up the nerve to pull over, roll down my window and take a picture. Finally, I did it!! 

The street is a long, winding road through an old neighborhood of beautiful houses set back on huge lots. There are no sidewalks or curbs, so there is not really any place to pull a car over.

After cruising the neighborhood for a while, I saw the house and did a double take. It sits at the end of this long, straight driveway, which runs right off the street. It is interesting seeing it against the cloudy sky and the snow covered lawn. It doesn't quite pop like it does in the first photo, but is stunning. I would imagine in the spring and summer the trees hide the house from the road.

So, once I found the house,  I had to circle around the blocks several times, hoping that I might be able to drive by without anyone behind me. No luck. Each time I had a car right on my bumper, probably wondering who the old lady was poking down the street.

So, on about the third time around, I just pulled over as far as I could to the right, rolled down my window and shot a picture! I was so proud of myself, but also felt a little like, as my girls say, a "creeper".

What can I say? For me it was like seeing an original painting by a favorite, famous artist. The real thing is such a thrill compared to seeing pictures in books. 

Now, if I could just get inside that house..................


  1. That is funny...I can just hear your heart racing! That is a very unusual house to be sure. You should have just knocked on the door...I did that once and the lady was so nice and delighted in showing me her home! Thanks for sharing..come say hi :D

  2. Looks like you are a pretty good stalker, if not the bravest. I know exactly what you are talking about. I've often been skittish when taking photos of someone else's house. Who knows what might happen.

    The other day, someone walking by took a picture of the broken pine branches in front of our house and then saw me standing there in the driveway. That was fun! Explanations were forthcoming and I was very amused.

  3. I live in Nashville and would love to ride by that house myself. Can you tell me where it's located? Thanks so much!

    Dana Tucker

  4. OMG YOUR PICTURE IS AWESOME!!! I love it in the snow!! thanks for including me in your post!

  5. you go girl! i think it's equally as beautiful in all that snow! great pic! you done good!!!

  6. So that was you I was honking at. ..... Just kidding.

  7. You are so funny - but I would feel the exact same way. I love the look though I am not sure I would do a red door. I guess I am too conservative.

  8. That is too funny...I think we are all the same with our house stalking. I would've done the same thing. At least your photo turned out great~ most of the time I'm so nervous and jittery my photos of homes are horrible!
    Have a wonderful weekend. :-)

  9. That was a great photo of the house!!!!You are a better stalker than you think!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  10. I would have sketched it in a heartbeat!!!!!

  11. I'm so impressed! I've had a crush on Hugh Newell Jacobson for quite some time. I never knew that this house is in Tennessee. What a great shot too.

  12. Annie - So glad you are impressed! I love your photography and your taste! I have to credit Laura Casey for letting me know this house is in Nashville. It was really fun to see - I just wish I could have lingered, for a long time!

  13. this home was featured in the may 2005 architectural digest issue. you can read about & see the interiors from their website.



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