Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nashville Revisited - Music Valley Antique Market

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Music Valley Antique Market in Nashville. I had every intention of taking lots of photos to share with you when I got home. Circumstances changed and I did not take any pictures. When I posted about my trip, though, and mentioned that I would be going to this show, I got the nicest comment from Jon Jenkins,  the promoter of the show. I replied and asked Jon if I might snag some photos from his website to share on my blog. He graciously agreed and I am so excited to share these gorgeous pictures with you.

The show was just beautiful. One of the things that makes this show so pretty is that each dealer has his or her own room setting. By that,  I mean that they each get three free standing walls, so that their booth is self contained. This also lets each dealer's look stand alone, as opposed to open spaces where one booth flows into the other and there is not much autonomy between booths. The walls are covered in paper - sometimes white, sometimes black, always something that really shows off the antiques. There is also great lighting, which highlights the items.

A dealer can create any sort of feeling within those three walls that he or she wants. Isn't this garden look just lovely?

It beats my cinderblock walls and big, dirty fan from last week's show by a long shot, doesn't it?

I think the walls and the lighting elevate certain objects to a level they deserve. Yes, it is fun to hunt for treasure among the trash at flea markets, but not everyone can see the detail of the objects shown above. When they are shown like this, it is easy to see the beauty in the shapes, forms, textures and colors.

I love the black walls of this booth.

Typically known as a country show, many of the elements are quite compatible with a contemporary setting............

or a more traditional setting.








Thank you so much, Jon, for sharing your photos with us. I can't wait to come back next fall! For more information on this and other great shows visit  the website for the Music Valley Antiques Market.


  1. OMG - I would love to go to this show with you some day!!!!!!

  2. Hi, I found your great blog from Cactus Creek. I'm became a follower so I can keep updated on your new posts in my sidebar. I'm currently reading through previous posts.

    Lots of great items at that sale. Wish we had them like that around here.

  3. Thanks to Michael for the great photos.

  4. nice photos, great decoration, really, very amazing, love them all



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