Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finding style at a Nashville tag sale!

Photos snagged from Kayce's blog post

While helping my daughter move into her new abode in Nashville for the summer, we decided to take a break on Saturday and follow up on a tip from Kayce's blog. 

Kayce has a great eye, and her blog post tempted us. She mentioned that the home where the sale was to be had been in several magazines. She included several photos to prove her point - this was not your average junky garage sale!

From the photos, the owners looked to be stylish and creative....and well....... you know the rest. Even if we didn't need a thing, a design junkie can't stay away from a possible peek into a great house!

We were not disappointed. The minute we rounded the corner to the backyard and patio of the house, I knew this was no ordinary garage sale!

Although we did not get there when the sale started, and we did not make the cut for the pre-sale the day before, my daughter was thrilled with the few purchases we did make! 

This pink metal folding table will come in handy for lots of things. Currently it is functioning as a space to hold her printer, some books, and various odds and ends.

The  two vintage bird plaques hanging over the table add a little fun to her cottage bedroom .

The owners of the home were most friendly and welcomed us into the backyard and the back of their house. All sorts of things were for sale, and their cutie pie little boy was selling donuts most enthusiastically.

After browsing a bit, (and buying a few donuts), we began to chat. I mentioned that we had heard about the sale from Kayce's blog,  and that we were trying to find a few odds and ends for my daughter's completely empty room in a big, old house in Nashville.

Just at the moment I mentioned Kayce's blog, who walked in, but Kayce herself! I had just mentioned oh so casually that I didn't actually KNOW Kayce...........I was just one of those bloggers who become familiar with other bloggers so much so that we sound like we know them when we speak of them!

Kayce could not have been cuter or more friendly, and it was great fun to put a face to her name and clever blog.

As our curiosity got the best of us after our successful outing, we did what all good design blogging stalkers do - we googled the last name of the owners "Sohr" .......that is all the info we had.

Photos from various magazines,  via  designer's  library 

Well, what do you know! Turns out they are quite a well known pair of creative individuals, Genifer Goodman Sohr and her husband, Ben Sohr. These two have a following and have been published more than once for their fabulous houses and design achievements. ( I might feel as if I were crossing some confidentiality boundary if they weren't already so publicized.)

Genifer and Ben have a great eye and sense of style. There were several items at the sale I am still wishing I'd bought. I will definitely want to keep up with when they have their next style change and tag sale!

Meanwhile, we bought a few goodies that will be put to good use for a young college girl furnishing her own room for the summer. She will be back in the dorm in the fall, so we are not really ready to make expensive purchases or buy pieces that are not easily transported.

I tried to find any photos that had been published that might have included the pink folding table. There was even one article all about how Genifer had used pink in her decorating..........but no specific photos of our new treasure!

The lighting makes it difficult to see clearly, but the little round bed side table was a steal, and was probably an IKEA find at some point.

We found a great papazon chair at Pier One with a Suzani print cushion - just the colors to work with Emma's favorite Pine Cone Hill bedding.

The house is in a charming, older neighborhood near Belmont University.  It has wonderful tall ceilings and hardwood floors, but a mish mash of paint colors, window treatments, and ceiling fixtures. A great rental for college girls, but one that needs lots of personal touches to give it pizazz.

Thanks so much to Kayce, Ben,Genifer and the precious donut salesman for helping us put a bit of charm into a plain jane room!


  1. I love that table Mrs. Williams! Looks like you and Emma had a wonderful time together!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast, Ann! Emma's room will no doubt be precious. You always find such great treasures; and it looks like this was another jackpot. I hope the donut salesman made a haul that day, too.

    I'm so glad you're back on the site again... I was having withdrawals from your posts.

  3. Sounds like great fun. Nashville seems to be such a charming city. Your daughter's room looks better than any room I had in college. Nice work.

  4. I wonder if the Bertoia chairs were for sale? ...and if it was the same pair first shown in white and then in black...

    I love the pink metal table!


  5. Great finds! I know that neighborhood by Belmont and there are some charming spots. She is adorable Ann!!

  6. I just found your blog through the comment you left on Kayce's. I went to the Sohr's last two tag sales and blogged about it a few weeks ago. They DO have incredible style! I picked up a couple of things, but mainly enjoyed just soaking up the atmosphere in their homes and their hospitality.

    And I just read your post on Nashville. Thank you for sharing your love of the city and the great article Patten wrote.

    Love your blog! I'll be reading from now on!

  7. That pink metal table is adorable! You both did well in your foraging!!!Maryanne xo

  8. Great finds! So jealous!! Wish I could have been there with you as I remember their homes from different magazines..what fun!!!

  9. The little table is so cute! I heart Chi-O's!! Hoot Hoot!! Can you guess I was one? :)

  10. Sounds like so much fun. Glad you all had a great time. I was a Chi-O. Looks like your girl is too! Thanks for stopping by RHS. I've missed keeping up with you.

  11. What a charming, fresh post! Looks like Emma inherited her mama's great sense of style! And what college room would be complete without a papazan chair (I had one, too)?

    I hope you enjoy your eggs - the girls said "cluck, thank you, cluck" and then went looking for worms. I'll have to show you my chicken coop, which I named "Palais du Poulet" when my dad restored it for me. It, just like the rest of my house, is getting some needed repairs & repainting this summer if it EVER dries out again! (though no complaints about rain, after last summer).

  12. Speaking of eggs and since we're on your design blog.... Ann, I don't know if you had been in my house on one of the home tours (before I repainted), but I had originally painted my rooms based on chicken egg colors. Sounds kinda crazy, but was very pretty with the Auracauna eggs (blues, olives, greens) and soft tans from my Dominic eggs. You can file that under "Crazy Inspirations!"

  13. What a great college room! I love the Chi-O shirt :)



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