Monday, December 5, 2011

Design - Holiday Blogging Block

I think this happened to me last year about this time. 

Between wanting to be with family, wanting to decorate the house, or not, addressing Christmas cards, cooking, figuring out gifts for teachers, friends and family, and on and on .....well, blogging just does not come up on the priority list.

 My friend, Jan's, wonderful house last Christmas.

  I guess if the spirit moved me, if the creative juices flowed, I would make the time, but it just isn't happening. 

. My friend, Barbara's, faux bois bowl of ornaments - to die for, right?

Blogger's block.
Have you had it? Do you have it?


So, for all of you incredibly nice people who choose to read my blog, I thank you so much, and ask you to be patient with me. 

One day I will be creative and thoughtful and inspired to post again. 

Until then, have a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

 All photos mine from Christmas 2010 with the exception of the ones noted.


  1. Do I have bloggers block??? Always!! Like your glasses and your doggie and your chair.... so cute! Enjoy the holidays and your family, its what truly matters.
    Happy HOlidays
    Kathy ( atacottagebythesea... I'm to lazy to sign in at this hour )

  2. For experiencing a "blogging block", you did quite well! I enjoyed every single photo you shared.

    Seems many people are in the same "funk" this year. That in itself is comforting, somehow.

    I think I"ll go gather some stray bulbs and try to channel Barbara...

  3. Oh wow, I really love Jan's table!!

  4. I second and third what other commenters have said - some very pretty eye candy there :-) Enjoy this season with family and friends - they are far more important than blog posts ... until we see you again - Merry Christmas!


  5. Hi Ann! I always enjoy your blog so much. You always give me a bit of inspiration!
    I have been wanting to decorate for Christmas so badly, but by the time I get all "the other" stuff done (dusting, laundry, pets, diner...) that I just run out of steam for both decorating and blogging!
    Good news is, New Year's is just a round the corner (gah!)- the perfect chance to start over, clean the slate, and dismiss anything we didn't get done in 2011.

    Have a happy holiday!

  6. Love the holiday photos!

    So, while you relax a bit, I'd like to invite you to check out this custom pillow giveaway I'm hosting. And your friends, too! (Maybe your daughter might like to enter; it might be the perfect accessory to have in Austin.) Cheers to you, mi amiga.

  7. It happens to all of us. Those ornaments are sooooo incredible! What a lovely collection. Love the photo of you with your red glasses! Happy holidays!

  8. *** Merry Christmas-time, Ann!!!

    It is SO COMFORTING to see Y*O*U resting & COMFY in that oh-so-luscious chair (LUV IT!), with your precccccious dawg by your side... That, IMHO, is the way we should ALL approach this beautiful time of year, at least PART of the time!!!...

    What I mean is:
    I think we sometimes try to outdo OURSELVES (at least I have, one too MANY times!), for those we love so much & care about, possibly to the extent of ending up exhausted when Christmas is so much more than that, as I'm sure you'd agree!

    I'm planning to make this Christmas as WONDERFUL, LOVELY and MEMORABLE as possible, and will SURELY give MYSELF permission to ask for a little help with things (other than doing the CHRISTMAS TABLE~~~ that's TRULY "MY BABY" & I LUV IT!!!)...

    Sending you THE WARMEST holiday wishes, & my thanks for an ALWAAYS WONDERFUL BLOG!

    Linda in AZ *

  9. You're doing what matters always! Love your blog now more than ever!

  10. Ann!!!!!
    Soooo pretty and inspiring!!!!!!!I have been remiss of late as I am trying to get ready for the holidays STILL!!!!!! Let me tell you your blog looks great and christmasy and my favorite pic is the one of you and doggie!!!!!xxxooo Maryanne

  11. Wish I had this kind of writer's block. Just love the whimsy of the first Christmas tree...wonderful!!

  12. I am on the same boat right now too. There are so many holiday distractions that I can't seem to focus enough time on the blog. I am sure I will be refreshed after the new year. Good luck!

  13. It must be going around because I have it, too! I think us bloggers need time off for the holiday, too. Cheers to 2012! xo Lindley

  14. Me again -- I'm mighty curious about your kitchen tease you left me!! Can't wait. Did I tell you that I love your reindeer?! So cute. Wishing y'all a wonderful holiday. Cheers!

  15. everyone needs a break.......loving that utterly gorgeous reindeer...happy christmas!!

  16. I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas Ann!


  17. I added your blog to a "blog crush link party" over on Vintage Revivals. I love the things you share, and I love the art you share here, especially. :-) I hope you are doing well!



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