Friday, February 17, 2012

Round Top Winter Antique Show

I set up at the Winter Round Top Antique Show last month. 

The winter show is held every January for just one weekend.

 It's a great show, held at the Big Red Barn, and is a appealing mix of regular Round Top dealers, some dealers who typically set up at Marburger Farm during the spring and fall, and a variety of other antique dealers from Texas and other parts of the country.

Antique lovers, and curious lookers come from all over, but lots and lots from surrounding towns. 
I had quite a few customers from Houston, Austin and Dallas.

It was clearly a great getaway weekend for some groups of women.
 I could tell by their spirit of laughter and chatter - probably a great respite from the hectic pace of the holiday season just passed.


I won't say my booth was sparse - it was too full to be called gallery style - but I wanted to have some space around my things this show.

The French chairs sold immediately, so I really did  have some open space!
Some folks like lots of clutter treasure to dig through - I do too sometimes - and some like seeing a booth with fewer items displayed clearly, easy to see and study.

My photos were taken with my iPhone, so they are not the best, but I did have fun with some of the apps! 
Can you tell?

I love old handmade textiles and exhibited some of my best hand hooked rugs, professionally mounted and hanging on the walls. 
I think antique hooked rugs are often under appreciated for the art form that they are, and mounting and hanging elevates them to the level they deserve. 

Apparently several people agreed with me and a few went home with happy customers - actually, happy designers, taking them to clients!

The tramp art cross from North Carolina sold, and I have to say, it was one of my favorite pieces of folk art and hard to part with!

This is a fabulous offering box of some sort that I still have  - have to say I am not too sad about that.

One day it will find the right home!

The top of a painted tramp art box that left the show on Sunday - tramp art was a hit at this show.

The triangular chip carved folk art shelf came from Vermont years ago.

It has actually been in my collection and was one of those things I thought I would never part with.....but alas, if one wants to continue to collect, one must continue to sell!

 It went home with a designer from La Grange, Texas..... who, by the way,  I had the best time talking with and sharing antiquing stories with!! 

Just down the row from me were Hector and Susan Skinner of Fun Dustrial.

They always have the coolest things and set up the best displays!
Love the variety of dress forms.

What a wonderful old scale.
I LOVED this old urn filled with old iron garden stakes and wish I had stopped long enough to price these pieces. 
The urn itself had such gorgeous edges.

I thought the swans were such fun!! 
You can't see if from my photos but they had some old glitter on them, which I am always a sucker for!

Another great old urn!

 When I finally got to stroll around the barn on Sunday,
 I paid a visit to my friend Theresa of Garden Antiques Vintage.

She always has the best things and these clock faces are a great example!
Dress forms, vintage lace dresses, cowgirl hats,
old pewter, silver, and
love the yellow bicycle!!
I was so happy to see my old friend, Agnes, at the show. 

She used to sell tons and tons of dried flowers and wreaths, and may still.....but now she is also selling lots of sea shells and beautiful bottles with shells on top. 

All different sizes of bottles, and all shapes and colors.

 She had had a fantastic show by the time I saw her on Sunday, so she was low on inventory, and I still loved all that I saw!!

 Imagine what I missed!!

            She had a couple of lamps in her booth that I also liked as they reminded me of lighthouses. 

Aren't they great?
Love these.
Brought this one home with me!

Another old friend, and antique dealer extraordinaire, is my friend, Gayle Green. 

Gayle has been an antique dealer for years and years, and is now a regular Marburger dealer.
Gayle's antiques are classic. 
She is not a trend follower. 
Her things are good, they are true antiques, and they do not go in and out of style - they are timeless.

She knows majolica, chalkware, textiles, tramp art, and a variety of other antiques. 

I bought some of my first vintage faux bois pieces from Gayle many years ago before faux bois was in or out, and certainly before it was reproduced in big box store catalogs. 

Good, old chalk kitties.

I always love a good old basket with layers of old paint. Just love it.

So, there you have it. 
Just a smidge of what was good at the Round Top, Texas Winter antique show. There was a ton more - I just didn't get to see it all because I was so busy!! 

Next on the agenda? 

Fort Worth, Texas!! 
Yes sirree!! The 49th Annual Dolly Johnson Antique Show!!!

In fact, I am so excited about setting up at this show, it deserves it's very own, stay tuned!!!


  1. So glad to see your back in blog land! I was missing your posts.

  2. :-) I love seeing these recaps of antique shows, Ann. You pick interesting things to feature. I've been doing some small road trips to antique places and auctions here in Maine with friends and having a blast. I would love to go to Rount Top some day!

  3. I don't know how I manage to always miss the good antique shows. dang. Thanks for the recap. I love your orange walls - and teh tramart cross is to die for!

  4. Hey Ann, thanks for including me. It was great to see you there. I had included you on my Discarded Forlorn blog, wasn't sure if you saw it. Hope you do well at Jan's show.

  5. I am so sad I missed the Winter Show! It looks like it was wonderful. I'm planning to go to Dolly Johnson though, and would LOVE to finally meet in person! xo Lindley



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