Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time, time, time..................

While my blog got off to a great start, I have been very remiss in keeping up with posts! Time is an issue, as many of you have discussed in your various blogs. To visit others in the design world is so much fun, and to comment, reply, revisit, post on one's own - oh my! what a world unto itself!! So, I had this great inspiration a few weeks back when Joni, of Cote de Texas, did a wonderful post on her sister's collections.

To digress a minute, my plan is to bring a host of interesting places to you from around the Texas Hill Country, but alas, the holidays came and along with them a host of family, friends,celebration......... and some obligatory activities. Not a lot of time for meandering around town snapping photos and writing interesting things on my blog!

So, with the "collections" idea, I realized that I have MANY collections right here in my own house and I could write about those. Well, I have been waiting and waiting for TIME to take really good photos, and then TIME to write really well and give informative facts about each thing I collect............and here I am and it is January 10 and about thirty other things are pulling at me...............and then today, I suddenly realized that not all of you write long, fabulous, fascinating posts ALL the time - sometimes you just stop by with a fun photo or two and a "hello"!! So, that's the plan for this post - a few things I love and then on to the rest of the day!

PIQUE ASSIETTE - I can't alway tell you why I love things -I just know it when I see it. Usually they are old and sometime crusty, and almost always make me smile. This old mosaic stuff was made in the Victorian time. People would make what they called "putty pots". They would spread putty or plaster on an old jug, bottle, plate or some other kind of vessel. Then they would press different "treasures" into the putty - maybe old jewelry, buttons, pieces of glass or pottery - and then let the putty set. Sometimes people refer to them as memory jugs. One other interesting tidbit - people also made "mourning pots" and covered them with little trinkets from the life of a deceased loved one.

I like mosaic in general, but usually don't care for the newer "copies" of these old vessels. I can't base what I like on any fact -just my"eye", strange as it may be!

CAMP BLANKETS - being a Texas girl and loving the Southwest, I have gathered old camp blankets for a while now. Sometimes they are stacked within an old cupboard and sometimes actually used at the foot of a sofa or on an ottoman for cuddling up in or warming bare feet.My requirements are not academic - purely visual. I like the ones that are old and soft and they must have great color and graphic design. I like old Navajo rugs, too, and old, soft, faded Mexican saltillos.


  1. I love the colors in the mosaic "treasure" pots!

  2. Patricia, you are very kind. I know our styles are so different - thank you!

  3. Well, how fun to find you via a comment, on a comment which started with a visit to Creative Blog. : )
    I love your treasure pots, those are sooo cool. Your home is lovely. We miss the Hill Country so much. We were in Austin for 10 years and every weekend was a jaunt to F'burg, Bourne, Comfort, Wimberly....Miss it all. Glad to find you.

  4. mom, i'm so glad you're using your blog as an outlet for your amazing talent. you deserve much more credit than you give yourself!


  5. Glad to see you're back! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!!

  6. Thank you Anna! I am out of town at the moment but hope to get back to some regular posting this week! Ann

  7. I love those stone books! I'm going to Austin to visit family very soon and I will check out your friend's shop.
    It's very difficult to find the time, I know. I divide my time between Flickr, Blogger, The Well, photography, artist's forums and family. Just blog when you can...that's the great thing...some of us update daily, some monthly. We're all here and will appreciate your post when you make it! Keep blogging though!

  8. Thank you halcyon for your encouragement and interest! Definitely visit Uncommon Objects when you go to Austin!



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