Sunday, December 16, 2007

That's it!

Well, I have had just about enough about me! I do want to share with you the above photo of an old sign I bought once at the Heart of Country Antique Show in Nashville. I think it must have come from an old furniture store. I love what it says FIRST FURNISH YOUR HOME......IT TELLS WHAT YOU ARE Isn't that great! Just one of my quirky finds that I HAD to buy and then figure out what to do with.......

I was reading from "Dwellings" by Stephen Sills and James Huniford this morning and I quote "We all have a broad array of objects,periods, styles, and colors that we like and respond to, but selecting those we really want to live with on a daily basis, and to spend time and money on, is a difficult process."

I'll say!! This may well be my greatest decorating issue - I like way too many things and although, I do believe that our homes should reflect WHO we are - and that some rooms that are strictly put together by designers look exactly that way - the whole process of focus and editing is very hard for me. My love of country and folk art, in a great, clean space, draws me to Karin Blake, and my tendency towards warm, cozy and fabulous (and dogs!)makes me want to visit Bunny Williams. Did I mention Cindy Smith in Charlotte or Charlotte Moss in NYC? Do you think I have a problem? Oh! and I love the work of Mariette Himes Gomez and Susan Zises Green........and I would move right into Kathryn Ireland's California-Spanish house!

So, my design and decorating journey continues............I hope to share something totally new and interesting from the hill country with you later this week while I continue to learn from all of you talented bloggers who have welcomed me so warmly! Stay tuned.


  1. great blog!~welcome to the blogging 'hood!

  2. Hi - I love Cindy Smith !!! plus all the others you named. Have you ever seen Cindy's own home. I was in love with it forever!!!

  3. cote de texas - I think I have seen Cindy's home. My favorites of hers have usually been in Southern Accents and I have kept most of the ones I admired.I will check my files to see if any are of her own home. As always, thanks for your support!!!

  4. Hi there! Although I'm not a design blogger, I do love and appreciate design ... I also enjoy taking sneak peeks into the design blogs for my own education (and most of the time, envy).

    I also wanted to say "hi" because we're Hill Country neighbors.

    Love your home! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Your sign in the kitchen is fabulous. Years ago a group of us would head to Nashville to visit our 'other mother' and she would take us the Heart of Country Antique Show but I don't ever remember anything as cool as your sign. Great find.
    I am honored to be on your favorites list with so many much more worthy bloggers than myself and am adding you to mine.

  6. Just came by to get you added to my list, and how flattered I am to see my name already on yours! Love your post, I agree wholeheartedly!

    Looking forward to your inspiration,

  7. Wow. What a great blog! I look forward to reading more about your "decorating journey. I saw the wonderful introduction Joni gave you on Cote de Texas and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to check your blog out. I, too have just begun my own blog about life and design in New Orleans, my hometown. If you have a chance, visit me at
    Congratulations on your new blog!

  8. Wow! Great blog! I read Joni's story about finding you all over again at cote de texas, and I'm glad to be finding you for the first time. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to following you on your "decorating journey."
    I, too have just begun a design blog from my hometown of New Orleans. If you get a chance, visit me at
    Congratulations on your wonderful blog!

  9. I am not a blogger, but I am so glad to be included in yours!! Fred'sburg is one of our favorite places to visit. We usually wander through there 3 or 4 times a year. All of my favorite clothes come from der Klieder Shrank and I love going to Dooleys' 5 and 10!
    I am looking forward to seeing all of the places you will take me to visit.
    Is Homestead closed now, reopened, something else????
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home...I would just like to move into your breakfast room ;^)

  10. Hello! I found you through Joni (Cote de Texas). I've enjoyed my visit, so much and hope to return often.

    I absolutely love Hill Country. Though I've never visited, I've read lots about that wonderful area of Texas. I've also seen many magazine articles with glorious photos!

    I would love to add you to my list.
    Back Porch Musings

  11. Thank you Pat! I will stop by and visit you soon!

  12. Welcome to the blogging world. "Dwellings" by Stephen Sills and James Huniford is one of my fav books. I look forward to reading about your design inspirations.

  13. Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog and touring through your breathtaking home. I dream to someday make a home like yours, it's truly inspiring...thank you.

    Anna :)

  14. Welcome to the blogosphere! I found you through Cote Texas. What a treat!
    I have been in Fredericksburg several times for photo shoots and love the area. I will probably be back this year and hope to meet you then.
    Happy New Year!

  15. Hello Hill Country!
    Thank you for the visit to my blog and the very kind comments. Your home is wonderful! I especially love all of the stone work. I look forward to many visits this coming year! HAve the Happiest of New Years, ans welcome!
    P.S. I am adding you to my blogging friends link! :)

  16. What a beautiful home... I am also a Texas Hill Country girl and just built my home this summer. There is not better place to live! I too, am new to blogging.. what a wonderful blogging world out there.

  17. Thanks for your comment. My resolution is to blog this year. So, I am visiting and soaking up all of the lovely blogs out there!
    I live in San Antonio a few miles outside of 1604 on Blanco. Where are you?
    I too love interior design. Not professionally, just know what I like when I see it. By the way, your bedroom is a dream! It looks so relaxing!
    P.S. The little princess is a pistol! :>)

  18. hi! I'm a home and garden reporter with the Dallas Morning News, where is it you used to live here in Big D? Will you email me? I have a couple questions for you.


  19. Ok...we need to talk...I just found your site through another blog comment by cote de texas...I think we are the same person...well, we have the same style...which is for me "up in the air" most of the time...I swear I could style each room I have differently and LOVE them all...we are about to build our dream house...I will make the big announcement on my blog this week...and I am scurrying about trying to find some unique and serendipitous items...I am traditional to a degree...but I love country cottage, rustic, country, farm name it I love NOW the big test to marry ALL of my taste into one cohesive style...I think I may just blow a gasket before I complete this labor of love...and we are JUST starting to meet w/the architects...and by that I mean we are in the process of "interviewing" architects to find just the right one we can work hubbin is a bit anal...but it will be great...

    Love your site and your HOME!!


  20. Thank you so much Teresa! Where is your house? I have some definite opinions and references when it comes to architects - email me at if you are interested. Meanwhile best wishes to you! Ann



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