Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shopping in Fredericksburg - red in fred!!

One of my favorite stops when I have the pleasure of shopping our main street is red, a fresh new face on the block. My good friend, Carolyn, manages the store and is the creative genius behind a lot of the store's new, trend setting style. She has a talented staff and is fortunate to also get to work with her two daughters on many projects. Check out the website for more information on these talented women and on the store.

red carries a lot of great new home accessories, dining and occasional tables, chairs, as well as upholstered furniture. Remember, we are a small town, and in the past it was necessary to travel to to San Antonio or Austin to find a variety of design sources.

So, one of the things that is now available here is that anyone, not just designers, can come in and choose a sofa or chair and then choose from a vast assortment of fabrics to custom design their own piece. Of course, designers come in, too, and the staff is happy to meet their needs as well as those of their clients. While the store has a contemporary feel, many of the upholstered pieces can be designed in either a traditional or contemporary style, depending on the fabric chosen.

Carolyn has a long history designing and working for the famous Homestead stores and still consults and occasionally works with Carol Bolton of Homestead and EJ Victor fame. This is a small town and creativity runs rampant here. While the look is completely different from Homestead, and the intent is to be different and fresh, I still see regular local design customers shopping at both stores! It is all about creativity, style, new ideas, and some tried and true ones, too.

red has loads of new, modern pillows, bedding, lighting and accessories, throwing in all kinds of funky, vintage goods, creating a lively mix!

Love the hour glasses and the great zebra pillows behind them.

My weakness - anything faux bois - these are slender little vases of china or porcelain - delicate, and just lovely.

I want the lamp and the mirrored chest beside the chair! Oh, and you can throw in the leopard pillow too! Love it with that blue mixed in the spots!

Don't miss the fabulous limestone walls as you are looking at everything else. This is one of the great old historic buildings in Fredericksburg. It was restored for the store on the ground floor and a residence an the second floor. It is one of the prettiest buildings in town.

Oops....... Carolyn was happy that a mirror had just sold before I took this shot, but sorry for the bare spot above the shelf - that's okay, there is still plenty to drool over. Notice all of the great lighting scattered about the store - some modern and some vintage.

A beautiful old chest with a great display of blue items, new and old, and great hanging lights above - so pretty.

Couldn't you just curl up in this big cozy chair for a snooze - the pillows are appliqued with fun, bright fabrics.
Too funny and too cute! The big cushions are made by Fat Boy and the background pieces are old carnival cut outs for photo ops!!

An assortment of goodies and one very cool lamp. The art work above is actually a torn paper collage by Nikki Moore.

Visit red next time you are in the hill country or check out their website and give them a call if you see something you can't live without! I will be back with more shopping in Fredericksburg soon.


  1. I just found your blog on COTE DE TEXAS. I'll be back!!! Love it! I love to visit and shop in Frederksburg too!! Would you like to be on blog links?

  2. I just stumbled onto your blog this morning, it's lovely!

  3. this is terrific! what a great way to see fredericksburg through the eyes of someone with such incredible taste *wink!
    i have added this blog to my google blog reader (great tool for keeping track of all the great ideas & places blogged in spots like Hill Country House) so that i won't miss your posts!

  4. Brook - Tell me what blog links is -sorry to be ignorant! Thank you for your kind words. ann

  5. I just love your blog, especially now that I'm getting it in my email! A quick visit to the hill country every day - what a great gift! Thanks.


  6. I added your blog link to my creative blog list.

  7. Thanks Brook! Sorry I was so clueless -now I get it!

  8. Wow, so glad to have found someone in Fredericksburg - I love it and the little houses and have been a fan since first seeing some wonderful homes on HGTV years ago. It's on my list of places to visit - SHOP!
    I love the Sunday Houses as well, in fact I've got a visitor's guide on my nightstand - how's that for a "sign"?

  9. I love that shop! the walls and outside are gorgeous. I see my faux zebra pillows there everywhere. I'm switching to my new scalamandre velvet tigre. wow, I can't wait. blog's looking really great hilly girl!

  10. I love that area of the world..."God's country" according to LBJ...I need to make a road trip there...very soon! Thanks for reminding me WHY I love it there!


  11. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I hope you'll come're always welcome. I've sure enjoyed my visit here tonight. Lots of goodies to see. I scrolled down and "met" Buddy too...what a cutie pie!


  12. Such a great "visual" of RED. It is also my favorite store in Fredericksburg. You captured it beautifully!!

  13. What a great shop... i would have to buy everything in there!

  14. Howdy! I just found your blog and I love Fredericksburg, so I'll be back often. Enjoy your photos of the homes and stores in town.

  15. What a wonderful shop! I love the raw brick walls as a backdrop to all the gorgeousness!! And those Faux-bois vases are stunning!!

  16. Looks like a great store! I specially like all the lighting fixtures in the photographs..

  17. Thanks for the nice words, I hope I can get 10% of the creativity I have seen on your Blog. Your pictures are wonderful, I feel I'm walking thru these stores as well...just need to smell those wonderful candles RED has. Inspired, that I visited a 2 weeks ago.
    Do you mind if I add your link to my new Blog. We're Texas Buddies!



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