Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Slips, New Bed!

A while back I mentioned that I was going to get new slipcovers made for my jumbo wing chairs. They have moved from house to house with us. They are too big and often awkward to place, but oh so comfy for pulling my legs up in and snuggling in by the fire with a good book, or a good glass of wine. They were one of the first pieces of furniture my husband and I bought together, and I have one friend who reminds me fondly of the days when we would sit in "the chairs", sip wine and talk for hours while our girls played - only on Friday afternoons, of course! (ignore the random items in the dining room - I was in the middle of playing with my pillows, furniture, etc. when I snapped this photo!)

So, inspired by Joni's post about Mimmi O'Connell, who often uses lots of casual fabrics like ticking, I designed new slip covers for two sofas and the two chairs using a blue ticking. I love ticking and the way that it mixes with so many styles - country, contemporary, Southwestern,and more.

However, the chairs have ended up in the bedroom, and the red leather chairs from the bedroom have landed in the living room. The scale of the big chairs fits the bedroom better, and while I would eventually like the look of a sea grass rug and all ticking in one room, this will suit us just fine for now.

Meanwhile, I had been intending to do a post on a wonderful store here in town called Villa Texas. They have great gifts, tableware,linens, and all things Italian. Much to my dismay, and on the other hand, quite fortunately for me, they have recently decided to downsize and move to a smaller space.

Consequently, they have had an incredible sale going on! I fell in love with this custom designed iron bed several months ago, but just hadn't made the big decision to go for it, financially speaking. Well, good thing I waited, because it was on sale for 40% off - need I say more?

Obviously I need to re-think the art above the bed - either that or remove the giant picture hooks still in the wall!

I do think that in the future, and in the new house that I hope to design,(more on that soon) I will want to have linens just a little bit dressier -maybe some linen, some matalesse? What do you think?


  1. I love is such a great fabric to use...makes me relax just thinking about it! Love the new slips on the sofa and chairs....OH! and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new bed...I am looking for something similar to put in our new home...hmmm....I'm thinking ROAD TRIP to Fred!

    BTW...I think we have found our builder and's been crazy and very informative at the same far we have interviewed 7 builders...and all of them had something unique to bring to the project...we've met w/3 architects...and sadly none of them wowed us...but we have just spoken with a builder that we LOVE...and he has an architect that has done several of his homes...luckily we were able to see a couple of these homes and look over other renderings...we will meet with him very soon...and hopefully fall in love. The builder is quite the character...builds very quality homes...and we LOVE HIM! So we're half way there I suppose...I never in my wildest dreams thought it would take this long...but not sure why...b/c we are quite particular...

    Loving the house...can't wait to hear about your new plans.


  2. Hi Hill Country House Girl! I love the new slipcovers! Unfortunately, Joni has gotten me slip covered obsessed and I'm wanting to slip cover everything... Problem is, we are still re-modeling and have construction going on and I've started re-decorating and haven't even moved in from the first makeover attempt! I guess I'm fickle.

    Do you mind telling me who in Frdbrug is sewing your slipcovers? Also, wanted to comment that Villa Texas is one of my favorite stores in town!!! Love it. They are also one of our top customers. Although I hate that they're leaving their current location, I'm excited to see what they will come up with in the new spot.


  3. love the ticking slipcovers.... ticking goes with so many different fabric,aren't slipcovers the best thing? Just throw them in the wash and voila... clean chair.
    Villa Texas....awe ...some store as is your bed.

  4. I love love love your new look! Wow - they look wonderful. I love ticking so much - and great idea to move the chairs around even though they now match! crazy girl! hahah!!! but red looks great with blue and white ticking = so good choice. any bites?

  5. Your new look is great. The ticking is such an easy fabric to work with so many things. The chair looks really cute in your bedroom.

  6. I love your new things, ticking is the best! And your bed is divine! I love it!

  7. Love the new bed!!!!!! Curious as to why you used slipcovers instead of reupholstering? I never can keep those darn covers from moving around.

  8. Thank you, everyone, for the kind comments.

    Anonymous, I am very fickle and change things around a lot! Also, I have a good friend who is a genius at slipcovers, (her business is called "Simple Slips") so I have become a loyal customer of hers! She custom makes them so well that they don't slip much. Thanks for your visit!

  9. hey! are you in round top - or near by? got your comment on my blog - and I'm drooling over yours! love your ticking!
    email me: erikampowell[at]gmail[dot]com

  10. I cannot tell you how excited I was to find your blog. My family vacationed for the first time last year on Lake Travis and we all fell in love with the area. (We are Oklahoma born but feel like we are Texans at heart...and we are not afraid to say it)I drove around daily just itching to see the interior of some of those homes...and now I have. I love your blog and will visit often. I love Hill Country landscaping also so please post pics of your gardens too. Your home is such inspiration. Nice to meet you, Paula

  11. Thank you Paula! I will post outdoor pictures in a few weeks when everything turns green and I have some fresh spring flowers!

  12. Oooh, I love your new slipcovers, that's what I want to do come Summer!

    Matelasse is always lovely and the longer you have it the more worn and loved it becomes and softer ~ the best!

    Happy weekend in your cozy home.

  13. Love your new slipcovers! Great fabric! And your bed is wonderful!
    I hope you are having a great weekend! :-)

  14. The bed looks FABULOUS! Hope you enjoy it for many years....

  15. You didn't forget to let in the dog, I hope! (Love the whole look.)

    I really like the way you tossed that little bomb and then pranced away! Well, it will be killer, is all I can say.

    Wanted to comment on those slips....I am a fool for blue and white ticking. If I had my way, I'd have a blue ticking cover for my Tempurpedic mattress!

    I'm planning on changing colors to blue and white along with neutral furniture, and I think blue & white ticking will make perfect roman shades!

    Have you ever seen the book about Roger Banks-Pye? He did a very formal bath for Valentino the designer, and used padded ticking on the walls. It's great stuff. Love the slipcovers.

  17. halcyon - love your enthusiasm!! I do not know that book but you can bet I will by the end of the day! I think ticking is so versatile - it can be country, contemporary, sophisticated - it is just great looking! Thanks for your visit - stay in touch!



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