Saturday, October 11, 2008

Round Top Quickie

The fall Round Top antiques event took place during the last week of September and the first week of October. It is a full two weeks of antiquing and great treasure hunting. For a full description check Cote de Texas . Joni gave a very thorough account of her visit last year about this time. Look at her blog archives and click on Round Top - she gives the full scoop.

I used to shop the shows, then set up with my friend, Barbara, at the Round Top show for a number of years, and now just try to get over there for at least a visit each season. This fall I went for two days - a quickie, but better than not at all, I guess!

I took these shots because I could tell someone took time and energy to set up charming fall displays. Love the watering cans and pumpkins!

Isn't this clever - dress forms and wonderful white pumpkins!

Ohmygosh! too cute! These were already sold. Don't you know they were a fabulous Easter display once upon a time!

This was a beautiful collection of antiques and newly produced pieces made from old materials. The dealer was Paragon Antiques from Birmingham, Alabama. I believe she told me the painted cupboards are French. I love the wonderful old paint.

When you are there you just wander from tent to tent full of incredible things. This was a different tent across from Paragon. Great lamp - one of a pair.

Incredible collection of botanical prints.................
Maybe a little better shot with less glare...............aren't they good looking?

Back to the Birmingham dealer, Paragon - this piece was so folky and I just loved it. The scalloped edges are sort of wavy. The midnight blue paint is great - just the sort of funky piece I an drawn to!

Love the top treatment. What a great fun piece.

This was one of my favorite things. A dining table with a demilune table on each end. You could use all three pieces together or use the demilunes somewhere else, and just pull them to the table when you need more space. The paint on the table and the legs was well done. Again, Paragon Antiques.

What an interesting way to enlarge your dining table. Love it!

These may have been my favorite things of the whole show. The sideboards had the most remarkable blue paint on them. The mirrors were made in Spain out of old materials. I absolutely adored them and had I been able to afford them, would have brought them home in a second! Both the mirrors and the sideboards could be bought individually or together. I think some very lucky person in Houston got them - or at least one of the mirrors!
There were several designers lurking around speaking secretively into their cell phones, supposedly "checking with their people".............oh well, hope one of "their people" loves her new mirror!


  1. I wish I would have gone - those botanicals look great and that table!!!!! wow!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love the updates and especially interested in the dealer from Birmingham. :)

  3. What fun!! I wish someday I could go!

  4. Glad to have you back, I've missed your photos!! We also had a fabulous time in Round Top ~ it's like heaven on earth!!



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