Saturday, October 11, 2008

Austin Artist Terrell Powell

When I was wandering through the tents at Round Top I came upon Terrell Powell, a talented and friendly artist from Austin. As I have mentioned before, I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl, to a fault. So, I have had these photos loaded and ready to go for a week..........waiting until I had time to call Terrell and do a full fledged interview. Well, it hasn't happened yet, and they are such fun, so my words will be few and if you want to see more go to

I love the houses and Terrell appears to love what he does. He told me enthusiastically about his work being in people's homes as well as in children's hospitals. His paintings are happy and full of vibrant color and pattern used in surprising ways. He paints houses, flowers, birds and all sorts of animals.

His work has a wonderful folk art and naive feel to it, yet some of his work could fit in the most sophisticated of interiors.

I loved this tall vase of flowers. It has a great dimension, or maybe "not dimension," sort of flat, almost like a collage.

Here is the friendly guy himself! He was greeting his customers and also painting in the back of his booth when he had a chance.

I found Miss Priss (my name for her, not Terrell's) with the bird on her head and the flower in her mouth very charming................

and of course, had I bought one of these, I would have had to have all four!

A man of many talents, Terrell also works in iron. These flower baskets are hilarious and beautiful at the same time. Made from old iron faucet handles, they have a beautiful sculptural quality.

Folky as they are, these birds have a crisp, modern edge. I can see them in a minimal, contemporary setting.

While these are a little more primitive and sweet...................

If you want to see more of his work, visit the website mentioned above and click on his name. Guaranteed to make you smile!!


  1. Ann, I really enjoyed seeing Terrell's work. Have to visit him in Austin some time to see all of his works.

  2. I like Terrell's work.....and he sounds like a nice guy too!

  3. Hope you enjoy your visit to's so nice there. When you go this time of the year, you can expect some chilly weather, especially when the sun goes down! We love that area along 30A and always have such a great time there.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you will come back soon!



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