Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Confessions of a Novice Blogger

Lovely dining room of my friend, Debra's house. Read on to understand the sequence here.........

Full shot of Liz Steving's assemblage/painting. Read further........................

In trying to learn to use a new publishing system "ecto" so that I can post larger photos, I somehow published the next post with about half of some of the photos showing. Not only do I not know how to correct the photo issue, I don't even know how to edit the text at this point. It was such a huge accomplishment for me to finally get the thing to publish, I don't want to delete it! So here are a few photos using blogger, and you can read on in the next post for the information.

Detail shot of the armoire that I covet each time I see it. Again, read on!

Warm and cozy living room with great art and great armoire!

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  1. hi! i just wanted to thank you for including me in your group of award-ees!!!!! i so appreciate the kind words and you have been such a great help in this new blog world i know very little about! i most definitely passed it on to some of my (other) favorite blogs..what a wonderful gesture! so thank you, thank you! it really made my day : ) ~jen



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