Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True Love, Jeffrey Bilhuber in House Beautiful

I want this fact, I want eight of them, right now! Make that ten! I have been thinking something in blue would liven up my dining room chairs.

Covered in fabulous Suzani Jaquard by Donghia, the color is "Blue Bliss" . Bliss is the key word for me! The trim is a yummy tangerine that just makes that blue pop. A portiere, or interior curtain, hangs behind the chair. It is exquisitely made of "Oak Leaves Vine" from Chelsea Editions. The chair is one of a set of dining chairs designed by Mr. Bilhuber. The shape of the chairs was dictated by the round suzani pattern - genius.


When I received my new issue of House Beautiful today I could not wait to sit down and devour it. Some issues are like that. I do not know if it is because the issue is about color or if it is just the incredible talent of designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, but I am so, so happy when I look at this particular house! I love the mix of old and new. I love the mix of color. I love the texture of the rock walls and the painted cabinets in the kitchen..and the big fabulous hinges!


I am such a collector of all sorts of things and routinely beat myself up for having too much stuff. I look at the current shelter magazines with all the sleek, color coordinated rooms with the most current lamps and just the right sea grass rugs and think "Why can't I even come close?" I am too much of an art, antique, cool stuff, junkie, I guess. I know design principles and can help someone else pull a room together, but when it comes to my house................who knows? I am way, way, too emotional about the things I love. This house, with its combination of clever, quirky and sophisticated, is just the balance I so wish I could achieve.

The beams give the kitchen an old look, while the light fixtures are so current. The hardware is classic and the oriental rug gives it warmth - all without making it look too , too......... anything, just perfect!

The slate floors and rock walls are just what we love here in the hill country. Obviously we are not alone as this wonderful farmhouse house is in Pennsylvania, and of course, the use of indigenous stone is very typical there, too.


The bedroom is just the right balance of clean, fresh and modern with a wonderful layering of linens on the bed and a lovely framed antique glazed chintz, perfectly framed, at the head of the bed.


Being a lover of folk art, I think Bilhuber's version of a Pennsylvania hex sign painted on the whitewashed wood floors in the living area is a fun and lively touch. The signs are common on the sides of barns in Pennsylvania Dutch country. The designer tells of driving through the countryside and having an epiphany, suddenly realizing "That's what I want to do!"


The living room armchair, covered in a yummy plum fabric, is charmed with a vintage hooked pillow.


Of course, there is more information along with more photos in the magazine. This is just my interpretation of a brilliant mix of old and new, modern and country, folk and traditional art, in this charming and warm home.

There are other great designs in this issue, too, that I think are so full of life and color. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

P.S. Yes my photos are blurry. I am still trying to use a new publishing software. I am afraid I may have to surrender and stick with the ever so temperamental If you haven't already, buy this issue of House Beautiful to see the true colors and designs. Anyone have any suggestions for user friendly blogging on a Mac? My frustration is mainly in the downloading of photos - both sizing and sequencing.


  1. Wish I had advice for you on the image handling on a Mac, sorry I do not! I love that plum colored chair...thanks for sharing all these beautiful colors and images. makes me ready for spring...

  2. I totally get you on this post. I love the sleek almost impersonal look of homes in shelter mags, but honestly I am too much of a clutter bug. I have to have my collections, my momentos, etc. and yes, I too lust after that same type of seagrass-perfect room, but the reality is we're creative women with families and our homes are amazing in their own right. I take comfort in knowing that whole crews of people come in and depersonalize and redo homes before shooting them. Helps a little. ;-)

  3. Nancy, thanks for enjoying the pictures and the post, blurry photos and all!! I'll get it right eventually!

    Kari, good perspective - thanks!

  4. You go get those chairs! They are FAB! I was partial to the orange sofa somewhere in the magazine! Also, loved the article with chocolate walls -- I painted my kitchen walls Restoration Hardware's FLAX - and I love it -- really pops with my white cabinetry and aqua ceilings (I painted this before everyone else got into the aqua and chocolate scheme, but I still love it!). I've been painting this week trying to "neutralize" some rooms.... it never ends.

    Ah, Mac--- I have a mac at work (it's a love/hate relationship) and have set up a couple of blogs for Darlene without too many problems. Some times I find that using the Firefox browser (instead of Safari) can help out some issues-- I don't know if that will help you any.

    BTW, what internet provider do you use at home? Mom is having the devil with her provider and though she spent a small fortune getting it set up, she's thinking about switching.

  5. Oh my goodness...those chairs are scrumptious! I found you on Katiedid. I have Texas roots and would love to visit the hill country, haven't been there since I was a little girl!

  6. Gorgeous! I love working with all the stone here in the Hill Country, don't you? That's one of the things we wanted most out of a home was something that completely represented the area.

  7. Hiya...thanks for coming by earlier today. Love the shop here; I need to get back to Fredricksburg again. One of these days! I'll come back to visit you again. -susan p.s. if you get some advice for mac, would love to know!



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