Monday, March 9, 2009

The Pleasure was Mine!

If you have visited Hill Country House before, you know I am quite fond of the store red in our town. Recently I was treated to hosting a photo shoot at my house featuring some of the wonderful linens that red carries. I am also honored to be featured on the latest red blog post written by the creative and talented Nikki!

First, my bed was dressed in luxurious Bella Notte linens. Wow. I love the elegance and softness they add to my Italian designed iron bed.

My daughter's room was transformed with a wonderful slipper chair in a bright, modern fabric by Lee, metal picture ledges, whimsical posters, a sweet appliqued pillow and her own vintage telephone - actually purchased from red months ago!

Bella Notte linens mixed with a Denise Schmidt quilt add a young and fun sophistication to a teen girl's bedroom. I love the hooked fish pillow mixed with the chocolate velvet and linen shams.

The bedside table is ours, but the turquoise cat is from red. Too fun!!

Thank you to Carolyn, Theresa and Derek for an inspiring day. It was like playing "dress up" with my house rather than clothes! If you haven't visited red's blog lately, check it out. They are now also carrying Plover Organic linens, a wonderful line of bedding full of great pattern and color.


  1. Beautiful! What a treat to see! Don't you just adore the Bella Notte linens? I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite color scheme (and all of the custom swatches are just mind boggling)! And I love your Italian inspired bed.... hope you are still enjoying it! RED is just the most fun place!

  2. oh you are the best! it has been so fun to work together on this edition - you have such an artful outlook, i look forward to what you will show next!

  3. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog! Oh, I envy where you live~ I have only been to Fredricksburg once since living in Texas....and I must say...I would go broke with all the wonderful shops there!! I just learned of a place called Wildseed Farms which is somewhere in the area of your town? Is that right? I can't wait until I can take a trip down to Fredricksburg!! ~Cheryl

  4. Hiya,
    Darn! I wish I was coming to Fredricksburg this spring.
    It's a maybe for fall. You're really enticing me with these posts! Love the house photo at the top! Beautiful! Was this a shoot for RED? cheers, -susan

  5. What fun to have your done over! It looks great.

  6. Wonderful bedding. And I love the turquoise cat.

  7. is that a new headboard? I really like that!

  8. Joni, It is an iron bed inspired by one in a book on homes in Italy. I posted about it in March of 2008 under "New Slips, New Bed". Thanks for noticing it. I am about to change the bedding on it - stay tuned!



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