Friday, March 27, 2009

Bird Love with Geoffrey Gorman, Duane O'Hagan, Billy Hassell, and Liz Steving

My wonderful new bird sculpture, "Alba", with her nest, created by Geoffrey Gorman, from the Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe (I know, ya either love him or ya hate him - I love him!) inspired me to look around my house at all the birds I live with.

Oops, a dog on a wonderful Brunswig and Fils fabric I picked up once at Warrenton during the Round Top antiques fair................. now back to birds................

This tin bird is part of an assemblage created by Liz Steving, featured at other times in my blog.

This is an amazing painting by artist Billy Hassell. I have had it for a number of years and never tire of it.

One of my tramp art treasures that I also acquired a number of years ago. It is a favorite of mine.
I put different things in it. At times it has had some of the many bird's nests that I have collected, other times it might have shells in it. Right now it has some mystical herb bundles picked up in Taos, New Mexico.

Here we go - this is the same fabric from above. It has all sorts of creatures on it - I could only buy a few yards of it, so I made a window shade and covered a bulletin board with it.

An old Mexican blanket in my entry hall chair - looks like it's birds again!

My treasures from our last trip to New York - of course, when choosing my John Derian plates I was drawn to the ones with birds.

A sweet pillow from a favorite Nashville shop near Vanderbilt and Belmont
Universities called Pangaea.

Another John Derian plate, this one a Target edition that sits in my kitchen - love it!

I have collected old crockery, jugs, bottles, you name it..... over the years, both to keep and for re-sale, and it's no surprise, some of the ones I have kept have birds painted on them!

I love this one with the peacock, bought at Round Top, from one of my all time favorite antique dealers, Toni Perkins.

Another old crock with a sweet little song bird .......................

I love the amazing things of nature - bird's nests, wasp's nest, leaves, butterflies, shells.........I am in awe of the intricacies and details in something like a wasp's nest. I don't like wasps, I am always intrigued that they can build nests like they do! Birds are really amazing, building different shapes and sizes of nests, using different materials, depending on what kind of bird they are.

Two antique French weather vanes given to me as gifts years ago, one from my mother and one from my very dear former mother in law, Mary Webb (as in Joni !) . Both were picked up at a wonderful little French antique store in Houston, the name of which escapes me now. I loved them and both mothers surprised me with them, not knowing the other had the same idea in mind. Thank you to both for lasting treasures.

Another favorite little piece of tramp art, a wall pocket, this one has carved horse heads and on top, little carved birds!

I used to have a huge collection of old mercury glass, but have sold it at antique shows over the years. I kept my very favorite pieces, though, and they just happen to have birds painted on them! The pair, with the white water birds, were the first pieces I ever bought. I am very sentimental about them as they came from Martha Waldie, another all time favorite antique dealer. Martha was from Dallas and died several years ago. She had an incredible eye and was a well respected dealer in Dallas as well as in New Mexico, and of course, at Round Top.

As if I don't have enough pillows........this little hooked jewel came over during the red photo shoot and just never went back to the store!

Last, but not least, my birds perched on sticks, created by Duane O'Hagan of the Taos Blue Gallery in Taos, New Mexico. I just love his work, and if Geoffrey Gorman is too funky for you, these little guys will just steal your heart! As for me, I love them all!!


  1. We all have the quirky things we love. I love cute little faces. Give me a cute face and I'm happy.

  2. I love your collection of animal motifs. Thanks for sharing. BTW everytime I visit your Blog I admire your header, so it is finally time to tell yo that.

  3. Well, I love the dog that joined in on the fun! The tramp bird cage is amazing! I don't think I've ever seen one like it -- usually just frames and boxes come into my view. Wonderful collection of birds. It all makes your wonderful home even warmer.... Nice post, -susan

  4. You have a great collection, I am on the look out for some of those pewter birds like yours. My mom has what she calls her, "ugly bird collection". lol Thanks for coming by today!

  5. * I SOOOO ENJOYED seeing your WONNNNNDERFUL collection here~ just SOOOO DELIGHTFUL! You said the B&F DOG fabric was an old purchase (it might be a dalmation or MY dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer!)~~~ do you happen to know where I might be able to find just one yard of it ~ a website or something???? THANKS! Truly enjoyed my visit here! Warmest, Linda *

  6. Doves are one of my favorite motifs for decorating and objects d'art. In fact, I call my house Dovecote. Chickens, ah, well, I love their simple activities, I could watch them peck, fuss, and sprint for hours. In a few months, my girls will lay magical nests of blue & green eggs. I had visited your blog right before I picked up my chicks and saw your wonderful ode to our feathered friends - I took it or a good sign! Thanks for the great images!

  7. Love those pelicans! I didn't notice them the first time I went through this post! I can see why you don't tire of them!



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