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Beadboard UpCountry - More Great Design in Texas

When my daughter and I decided to make a quick road trip east (as in east of us in Texas, not east as in"east coast" - darn!) to visit a cousin we hadn't seen in a while, I knew I had to check out the charming Beadboard Up Country in Brenham, Texas.

I had heard about the shop before, first from Joni of Cote de Texas, and then from Annie of The Bunny Bungalow. We were only going to be in town on Sunday and when I called to ask if the shop might be open that day, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to hear "Well, we are not usually open on Sundays, but we are going to give it a try tomorrow". Yippee! Music to my ears - obviously, it was meant to be that I visit this great shop.

View upon entering Beadboard UpCountry

Upon entering we were greeted by the shop's owner, the cute and friendly, Maryanne Flaherty. She was most engaging, and after telling her that I was the one who had called the day before and had wanted to visit her shop for a long time, I confessed that I am a blogger. Yes, I told her, I realized that she had been featured on several blogs already, but I would love to feature her on MY blog, too!

Great side or dining chair with wonderful bedding and bath goods in the background - love the legs and the linen on this chair

Agreeable and enthusiastic, she began to show me some things that were new in the shop since the last blog post. She clearly loves her work and her passion is contagious. I found myself wanting to shoot photos for my post, but at the same time, just wander aimlessly through the store, taking in every display, every texture, every color...........lots and lots of details.

antique armoire with glass doors and beautiful detail

Sometimes when I walk into a great shop or a good art gallery or antique show, I instinctively just stop at the entry and try to absorb the overall feeling, getting my bearings and deciding which way to go first. My anticipation is great and I don't want to miss a thing. I have been asked by various friends and family "What ARE you doing"? when they almost bump into me as I have stopped and blocked the door, mesmerized by the display ahead. So, I think I was a bit distracted as I visited with Maryanne , trying to take in all she had to share with me, looking at all of the beautiful things, and assuring my daughter that I would be "just a few more minutes". Sorry, I digress...........

So, I was not able to photograph every single thing I loved at Beadboard UpCountry - there were too many - but some of my favorites are here.

This particular piece, a wonderful blue painted chest, has quite an unusual story. Maryanne showed me two small metal plaques on the inside of the top drawer.One says John Widdicomb
Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company was the first American company to produce Louis XV designs in America and started the wave of French Provincial popularity in this country. The company is now operating as a division of Stickley.

The second plaque indicates that the chest was manufactured for Jac Lessman, a prominent hotel developer. Mr. Lessman planned the renovation of several large Manhattan hotels in the 1960s, including the Hampshire House, the St. Moritz, the Biltmore, the Lincoln,and the St. Regis. Besides having an interesting story, the chest is a beautiful blue and has a ton of charm. Can't you just see it in a penthouse suite at a luxury hotel? (or better yet, in my bedroom beside the bed)

Another favorite of mine in the shop is the pottery designed by Maureen Welton from Vancouver. The pieces I loved in particular were this wide vase shown above - I am crazy about the shape and the texture - and the large vase shown below.

The designs are based on the textures found on the beaches of the Pacific Northwest. Maryanne loves that one of these vases or bowls can be perfect in a minimal, contemporary setting, or placed against a heavy stone wall in a rustic ranch house. Being a person who craves texture and color, I absolutely love these pieces.

Beadboard UpCountry carries wonderful table ware and silver, as well as linens for the table and the bedroom. The Belgian linen line, Libeco Lagae, is one of the finest in the world. The quality is excellent and the linen comes in varying weights and a variety of sophisticated colors. Maryanne also carries cut yardage and will ship it to you. You can also find Peacock Alley linens here and soon, Papillon Linens.

I am a sucker for a box pleat and fine detail, so this club chair is just perfect as far as I can see! Custom slipcovers are available here, too, in a wonderful assortment of fabrics.

another great chest of drawers

........and yes, another perfect chair, this time with a full, full skirt - so pretty!

As if I wasn't already wanting everything in sight, Maryanne carries a wonderful line of jewelry called Obsidion Jewelry. Each piece is crafted with great stones and the prices are amazingly reasonable. I expected a much higher price tag on the pieces I looked at. She displays some pieces cleverly in a glass cake stand, which, of course, fits the lovely setting of the entire store.

Last but certainly not least, I love this amazing chest that would fit beautifully in a bedroom or an entry, or.............

in a study if you need a desk! Isn't it fabulous how it opens up to function as a secretary. It's a far cry from my kitchen desk, I can say that for sure. The top is onyx and is absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you , Maryanne, for such a warm welcome to your shop. I love visiting stores where the owner if present and engaged and friendly. Shops like Beadboard UpCountry are distinctly more special than your average home furnishing store.

Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention Mayanne's husband, Peter, whom she referred to several times. It is clear this couple loves what they do. When I asked her how they settled in Brenham, Texas, she said "Peter just tells people 'this is where the bus broke down'. Well, I am so glad the bus broke down where it did! It is certainly Brenham's gain!


  1. Oh my gosh, I have to go there. It is probably best it is far away because I could do some serious damage there! I LOVE that dining chair, well what do I not love in these pictures!

  2. I would love to go shopping with kind of store for sure. I have missed you , glad you made it by today. smiles

  3. WOW! What a great shop! Makes me miss Texas. There aren't any stores around that here. I'd like to break into the market but I wonder if anyone here really appreciates the neutrals. Not a NY mentality I suppose. Oh well - I'm still a Texas Boy thru and thru! :) Great blog!

  4. You are the best, and I mean BEST PR person for the Hill Country and area!! Love your eye -- and I, too, adore the chair with the box pleat! You have such fun! cheers, -susan

  5. Love that upholstered chair with the heavy nail heads and the painted blue chest. Such pretty things! Wish a stop in TX were in the cards (with a truck to drive to NC).

  6. Oh I so wish I was in Texas! You have so many wonderful shops and the Wisteria Outlet too!

  7. * What a TERRIFFIC READ & truly WONDERFUL pieces Maryanne n' her husband offer! Seems like sooo much of what I like/wish to have THESE days, is either in TEXAS or Georgia! And altho we've lived in both states when we were younger, in "those" days I had neither developed my own style yet NOR had the budget to fall in love w/ "these" places if I HAD... Now??? Oh, take me there, take me there, puhleeeease!!!! (I'd even substitute CHOCOLATES to visit n' shop in some of the places shown!!! THAT could be my new DESSERT!)~

    Many thanks,
    Linda in AZ *

  8. So many amazing treasures in there ... love them all.

  9. Oh and I love the club chair and its slipcover...

  10. What a charming shop they have. And how nice that the owners opened the shop for you on Sunday! Texas seems to have the nicest stores!

  11. What a wonderful post and photos. I love hearing about what Maryanne and Peter are up to, and love visiting their beautiful shop. The first time we visited Beadboard UpCountry, they gave us a large bag of pecans from their trees.

  12. I am too retarded and lazy to figure out how to post on your blog so please know that I read it and LOVED it. I constantly am amazed how talented you are and love your taste. This one is beautiful.

  13. Hi Ann!
    HOLY COW!!!!!!! And a big MERCI! What a lovely portrayal of our shop. The
    pictures turned out beautiful what a great job. As a small shop in the
    "sticks" it means so much to us. Peter sends his best and says to
    congratulate you on a great blog....We tried to copy the link to send to our
    customers but had some difficulty with it could you possibly send us a link
    so that we could send to our vendors and good customers????Thanks! Next
    time come around 4 or 5 and give us a heads up we'll have wine!!!!!!ON US!

    Maryanne Flaherty
    Beadboard UpCountry

  14. That furniture reminds me of Velvet & Linen's aesthetic! Beautiful!

  15. Love it! Thanks for sharing your shopping adventure with us. I would love to visit that shop when I make it back to the great state of Texas!!! It looks like a must see. Hope all is well!!


  16. What a beautiful shop. Thanks for taking us with you.

    nelda ream

  17. I have got to get to Brenham! I've always wanted to go to this shop and appreciate you sharing it with us.

    I'm getting caught up with you tonight - you've been on a blogging roll!

  18. What a great name for a store. Love, love that secretary. Great pics - thanks.

  19. This is definitely going on my MUST VISIT list! I have a Maureen Welton vase I bought in New Hampshire last year and it is one of my favorites. Thank you for shopping vicariously for me with this excellent post! : )

  20. Ann, What a fabulous blog, I'm so glad I found it. My favorite part of Texas is Hill Country. I'm with you - I adore architecture, always have and I do love the style you have there. I was so happy to see my favorite new customer Beadboard UpCountry written up! such lovely photos and look at the very tall, tin ceilings, raw wood ceiling and I love the old tile! I can't wait to see more of my product in there. I don't get to actually see many of the stores I sell to, so this was a special treat for me, thank you!

  21. I love those zinc planters! Thank you so much for stopping in too.

  22. I'm stopping by next time I'm in Brenham for sure! What a beautiful store!



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