Wednesday, June 23, 2010

House Dreams

While I have had the good fortune to live in this hill country house for the past four years, I find myself dreaming of designing a house for the next stage in our life. We will be empty nesters in a few years, and our needs will change.
This house is classic Texas hill country and has been a very special home to inhabit. Our girls have had a blast here entertaining their friends  - swimming, playing hide and seek, playing basketball, roasting marshmallows, and having backyard birthday celebrations. We have had good times as well, but the house is too big for the two of us. Another family needs it now.

Hill Country House is for sale.

The house is situated 4 miles outside of town. It is the perfect distance - country skies filled with stars at night and not a city light around, but close enough to run to the grocery store when you forget something. 

If you are interested in living here, or know someone who is, contact me and I will give you sales information.


I know I want something smaller. It is no secret that I like too many things and too many styles, though.  I believe in building appropriately for the setting, and in Texas that can mean a southwestern or hill country style,  or a home with a Mexican influence.  There are many styles and choices. I dream of soft contemporary..........something like this:

Dallas home designed by Lake Flato

or even more modern, like this.....

or sort of traditional modern, like this..........

or let's throw in some Southern influence, or would it be Mediterranean?.........

I apologize for no credit info -  saved in my favorites file

or this............

Craig Kinney architect

or maybe really hill country, like this.....................

 Lake Flato

or subtle and nestled in the trees, waiting to be this.......

 Reagan George, AIA

Confused? Me too.

Thoughts, ideas welcome.


  1. You have wonderful taste. Whatever you do with your next house will be fabulous.

  2. oh i vote for the one with the southern influence...which ever one you choose you will make it so unique and special...can't wait to see it evolve...

  3. I do love the Lake Flato designs. Have fun getting lots of inspiration for your new home!!

    Art by Karena

  4. I've always thought your home was absolutely gorgeous, but I'm sure it's WAY out of our price range. I certainly do wish you well in your house hunt, and I hope that when (fingers crossed!)we move to our new home in Fredericksburg we can finally meet. :-)


  5. You have a beautiful home! Good luck in the next stage of your nesting!

  6. I have been an admirer of the Lake Flato group for some time now. I love how their designs are very site specific... each one unique to it's setting. They have great site lines... ~Terri

  7. I loved reading your blog earlier today before I even knew that you had done this posting. somehow I knew to go to your website today and I'm so glad i did. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  8. I don't know Ann, but you and my husband need to get together and brainstorm because I have never seen someone LOVE Lake Flato's designs as much as him...until you! he is constantly cyber stalking their website adding ideas to his "dream" folder. They do have great designs :)

  9. Your home is wonderful, but sounds like new digs will be in order with your girls out of the nest! Best of luck with finding someone who'll love your home as much as you have. (hey, please be sure that they'll make nice neighbors for my folks - LOL)

    Now, Ann, please do tell how you can decide on your next design? So many tempting ideas! Each one I saw, I thought: "Ooo, I like that one best!"

  10. After years of living in a big house full of kids dogs and one not-so-tidy husband, a cozy downsize sounds heavenly! Best of luck on your next chapter - and I enjoyed my first visit to your blog.

  11. So hard to decide when we appreciate so many beautiful styles, no? Have fun as you embark on this new life adventure as an empty nester!! Glad to have found your blog as well!!

  12. We visited Fredericksburg this past spring and we left thinking we need to relocate to a home on some land just outside of town. I've always wanted to live out in the country but, not too far from a cute little town. Oh, how I wish we were able to make a move now. I have even researched the schools and found that Fredericksburg has some of the cleanest air you can find.

    Good luck with your new endeavor! :-)

  13. I can't believe no one has snatched up your beautiful home yet. The setting is perfect and the home is amazing. Whatever you do next will be another masterpiece.

  14. Good luck in the sale and your search. It was easier than I away things and moving to a smaller (but not less expensive!) place. Just do it in tiny steps!

  15. P.S. I have always loved Lake Flato homes...they know how to capture a Texan's heart!

  16. I see lots of potential ideas for your new home in the images - all lovely homes. I love the white southern Mediterranean.

  17. how fun to design another home! i would also love to do that again someday!

  18. I loved the wooden gate, such nice houses. Hope you use wide doors and High tolets. I built a new handicap house just for what's coming down the road ---OLD AGE-- LOL

  19. It will be a difficult choice! The houses you showed here are all beautiful!
    I might think that you maybe have to consider the practical side of your futher home!
    Good luck with the search for your new house!
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. all wonderful fave is Flato....
    someone will love your home!
    thanks again for the sweet comments on my blog today....
    hope you're enjoying the great rains lately!

  21. I love y'alls house and am going to be sad when you all are no longer there! I have some wonderful memories with all of us girls there and after prom!

  22. I like to think, as an Interior Designer, that I would be clear about what I wanted, but sadly no. I think we are immersed in so much that is worthy, it's harder to chose for our own homes. I do love that first house that's a bit modern and has a pool...I could do that. I think I will be one of those modern house ladies wearing Meremeko going to the opera and hiring help. lol

    Hope you are having a great summer!




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