Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Artist Gugger Petter

Artist Gugger Petter with one of her beautiful works of art.

Do you notice art when you are in public buildings? I do. I love art of many forms and can't help but notice it when I am out and about.

 One of my favorite collections happens to be at Nordstrom. I have not researched who is responsible for putting the collection together, but I should. In both the Austin and San Antonio stores,  in the shoe departments, are huge, fascinating pieces of art .

Behind the checkout counter of each shoe department are the very large newspaper "paintings" if you will, or woven tapestries, created by Danish artist Gugger Petter. (Pronounced Googer Peter)  

I don't remember the first time I noticed these wonderful works of art, but I fell in love with their charm and have been intrigued by the method of creation ever since. They are very large "canvases" of twisted and rolled newspaper woven together to create the images. They are wonderful!

Gugger has been working with newspaper for the past 21 years. She takes everyday life  observations and creates over sized images with the paper. Gugger uses current newspaper for each piece, and considers it "the diary of our lives", so in this way, a piece of her work becomes historical as well.

She has done commissions of famous people you may recognize in the following photos and is collected by art lovers around the world.

To read more about THIS one, go here.

Gugger is represented by the Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe, and her work is featured there this month in their current show.

She is known for her landscapes of legs, shoes and dogs, as well as for her beautiful Madonna pieces.

Aren't the details exquisite?

To learn more about this amazing artist, visit her website 

be sure to visit the Jane Sauer Gallery, as well, to see the current exhibit and available works by Gugger.

All images thanks to the Jane Sauer Gallery and Gugger Petter.


  1. Thank You so much for the heads up on this work. I love to be inspired from all different types of artists!

  2. Wonderful! I adore the dogs! I am always impressed with an artist who can caputure a person's essense so completely that even if you see an eye or mouth - some smidge of it-- you still know exactly who the subject is.

  3. I've seen these in SA & Austin and they're beautiful and amazing.

    I also LOVE the dog paintings in the foyer of the Austin Nordstroms....do you know the ones (by the kids dept)? The West Highland white terrier paintings...

    thanks for sharing....
    have a great day....

  4. Yes, the paintings of Scruffy! I love those too. Nordstrom really has the best art! Thanks for your comment!

  5. That is so stinking cool!! Talent and imagination, what a combo.

  6. I am so intrigued! What an interesting medium, and I love how she has manipulated the newspaper to create the texture in the piece. Thanks for the introduction to this modern artist. I'm a big fan!

  7. I LOVE this artist's work!! I am at the Nordstrom shoe counter WAY too often here in Houston, but I always get to see Gugger Petter's work. You've got the BEST taste in Art! And friends.

  8. I guess you posted this before I discovered your blog, Ann. I am just wowed by this artist's work!!! thanks for featuring her.



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