Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Velvet Pumpkins

Last year I posted here about a wonderful shop in town called Sprout, owned by local friends, Michelle Hodges and Rhoda Reynolds. I love everything that Sprout does, but I especially love the velvet pumpkins they sell in the fall.  I just got an update that this year's pumpkins have arrived.

I am in love with the gorgeous colors and had to share!! The names are lovely, like curry and lagoon.....

The pumpkins come in all sizes and are made with the softest velvets and real pumpkin stems. They are beautiful in a group or just placed individually on a stack of books, on your coffee table, or in a mix with other treasures.

Aren't they just beautiful?


  1. Those ARE beautiful! I'm really not fond of true orange. I wish I could learn to like it, really I do but it's not happening. I'm always looking for an alternative way to decorate for the fall with less traditional colors but keeping with the fall theme.

    Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Beautiful indeed!! Love that they use real pumpkin stems!

    I'm trying to get to Boston this week... will be in touch!


  3. What a pretty combination of colors. Pumpkins, even velvet pumpkins, remind me of the season ahead. I'm so ready for fall.

  4. Those are gorgeous! They actually look like yarn at at first glance!

  5. LOVE these....just now read this post...I never rec'd your last 2 posts! (that recently happened to me when a friend said she didn't receive hers from me!) ...the RSS feeds....

  6. Gosh, I love these pumpkins. the colors are fabulous.!



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