Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life - Trauma and Goodness....Visual Vamp and Providence Ltd. New Online Shop


I have issues. I know, I know..................we all do.  Lately, mine have to do with the Internet.

Try as I might, I cannot seem to get a post completed this week.

I try to load photos and each one takes 15 minutes - I kid you not. I could pull my hair out . As she so eloquently said, "It's always something."

Of course, tonight, at 11:30 , the photo above loads in a nano second. This, after a full day,  and a very full evening and I am about to drop I am so tired.

With all happening in the blog world - Valorie of Visual Vamp and her trauma these past few weeks,

Valorie and Alberto

and Mona and the exciting opening of her new online shop, and her generous gift to Valorie and Alberto, and her own story, 
 (read her story in her email to Valorie)

Photo from Providence, Ltd.

and then me - why, I managed to set up at the Fredericksburg Antique Show amid all the chaos of life last weekend and had a great time and even made some money.........and now the internet connection decides to cooperate, momentarily, at least, at almost midnight, when I can't seem to keep my eyes open. (Do I go ahead and write a full post??

The show was great - lots of variety - country, industrial, formal -  just lots of good, old vintage and antique treasures........ cool weather and people getting in the holiday spirit. Here are a few photos to share ................

Oops, spoken too soon.  Okay, well here is one photo to share -  (read: all I could get to load in the past 10 minutes!) my friend, Jack Henson's, booth .

I give up.

 Do you ever feel like this?

Night night.


  1. That last photo sums up how I've been feeling lately. Good to see a post from you.

  2. Don't worry Ann we all go Rosanne Rosanna Danna with kthis stuf at some point or another... The thing to remember is you always have interesting things to say.........xo Maryanne

  3. UH...yes, i know the feeling. remember the other day when i told you on the phone my room was a pit? and all i wanted you to say, was, "man, that sucks..." i kinda felt like the girl in the last picture. messy people, messy lives...sometimes we gotta embrace the mess! I'm sorry for the darn internet problems. love you much, mom. i can't wait to see you soon!

  4. I wanted to say thank you for your comment today. That Anon is making me want to start approving my commentary! I think that is the second one of those they have left.


  5. I remember Rosana Dana, miss her, what a talent.
    I wake up every day with a legal pad of things to do. My life is out of control. I just take the most important first and so what, didn't finish the list.I pay for high speed internet and I swear it crawls like dial up. Going to go back to dial up and save the money. yvonne

  6. Hi Ann, Yes, yes and yes! Sometimes I just can't win. I sympathize! Hang in there; we all appreciate it so very much. Have a wonderful turkey day!

  7. I think if we don't have a day like this once in awhile we are not living!!!! It sounds as if you kept your perspective through it all, I think a good sense of humor helps!! Keep grinning when you can't laugh if nothing else it will make people wonder what you are up too, Happy Sunday,Kathysue
    Good luck with the computer, I had issues last week, Yikes!

  8. Having that kind of 2 weeks now too. Too busy and technology too frustrating. I had a Trojan virus on my computer this week! Everything is now clean and working properly, but really it is so disabling! Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  9. Right computer is running terribly slowly (maybe it has something to do with the hundreds of pics I have saved), but it's soooo aggravating. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  10. Howdy from Houston, TX to the good old Fredericksburg, TX :)

    Isn't it amazing how things always go wrong or extremely slow when we are in a hurry and try to get something done? We trust on our high tech stuff and when we need it the most it gives up on us or causes the most trouble. I know very well what you are talking about. Hope everything will work out well for you and I wish you a wonderful gobble gobble Thanksgiving.

  11. I love that last picture!!! That tells me it may be time to plan for a hen-party trek to Charleston. You in???

  12. I had a day that everything went wrong,
    it started to become funny.
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.




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