Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Home, At Last", with artists Liz Steving, Julie Sawtelle, John Austin Hannah,Sandra Hulse, and Allison V. Smith

A friend of mine made an astute observation about our town about ten years ago and I think it may still hold true today.
She said  "You know, ours is a funny town. You can buy a fine bottle of wine, beautiful clothing and the perfect wedding gift, but you can't find a decent bra or good pair of pantyhose anywhere in town."

Well said.
For the record, you can find a Playtex bra and L'eggs hosiery at Walmart, in a pinch.

One of the institutions in town, where one can get a fabulous meal, and buy the best in home decor, clothing, greeting cards,

Known for their fabulous food and wonderful cookbooks written by owner Cynthia Pedregon, the Peach Tree is a must stop in town for many, many tourists, and is a favorite among locals.

To say that the Pedregon family is talented is a huge understatement.
Cynthia's mom, Enid Collins, was the designer and creator of the legendary "box purses" many of us carried years ago.

Cynthia's brother, Jeep Collins, is known for his classic and lovely jewelry designs.

Jeep's daughter, Lara Bobo, is a young creative force with a shop called Enid, after her grandmother. I wrote about Lara and her talented husband Tim, here.

Yet another of the Collins descendants, Cynthia's daughter, Tina, has opened a chic new shop next door to the Peach Tree.

Home, At Last
is fresh, young and classic.

Peeking in the windows I already wish I had a spot for these bird lamps.
Upon closer inspection, they have beautiful oval shades. Love them!

 Tina's mix of classic furniture styles, some modern and some traditional, with warm, handmade pillows and current art make for a fun and interesting place to shop.
I love so many styles and this shop is right up my alley.

I spy a classic Eames chair and ottoman in cream leather, piled with colorful pillows.

Art by Liz Steving,

Sandra Hulse,

local artist, Julie Sawtelle,

John Austin Hanna,

and books by Jerrie Smith, and daughter, Allison V. Smith,

and Cynthia Pedregon - what's more to want!?

a take on old band boxes, in fresh, current patterns.....

Industrial furniture with contemporary lamps .........

Upon closer inspection, fun and colorful dishes, and great looking wicker pieces!!

Fabulous pillows in a Hans Wegner wish bone chair. Do you love it?

Oh, did I mention jewelry? Really good looking, unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets.....I will take one of each, please.

Some of my favorite Design-Legacy linen pillows. Love those butterflies!!!

Did I mention Dash and Albert rugs? The list of great design here is endless. 

Just know, the next time you are in the Texas hill country, a stop at

will be a real treat for you! 

Oh, and you really should eat at the Peach Tree - there is no other like it. 

You won't be sorry....promise.


  1. I haven't been in the Peach Tree lately, I must make a stop soon! And next door, too.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Ann - what a coincidence! I was just in Fredericksburg last weekend and went into both shops. Purchased a pillow at Home at Last, yes the one pictured in the blue chair. And fell completely in love with that Sandra Hulse print. Oh my. So touching and compassionate. And the jewelry!

    I suppose your friend's observation is probably on target. Thank goodness for the internet.

    I wish we could have stayed longer. Hope you have a wonderful week. ~diane

  3. Fabulous store. It's funny, but in my town, you can get the best Mexican food, and something at 3 thrift stores, and water at 5 water stores, and crap at 4 -dollar stores, but no under- ware for families, either.

  4. I'm really ready for a road trip to Fredricksburg. You're making me drool!

  5. Mrs. Williams,

    The shop could not have been explained any better!

    Luis Monzon Jr.

    (Tina and the Pedragons are going to be EXCITED to see this)

  6. Looks like a terrific spot! Will put it on my list!!

  7. I just love reading your blog! I spent time as a child in San Antonio and even attended a summer camp in Comfort, Texas in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

    When I laid eyes on the Collins of Texas handbag, a flood of memories came back... snapping the box handbag shut in church (which was not well received... it was very loud!) and carrying my little road runner handbag to the 1968 World's Fair in San Antonio to the "Fashion Pavilion" thinking I was oh-so-mod and stylish. Thanks for the memories!

  8. Gosh, Ann, I just want to follow you around! ;-) I love seeing the wonderful mix of old and new. Thank you for your kindness in including my tomato girl in your mix of artist's featured.


  9. What an adorable shop and I LOVE the name!! Those box purses throw me right back to 5th grade in San Antonio!!! Wish I still had mine....
    hope you are well dear friend!

  10. What a cute shop and I love the Peach Tree! Can't wait to plan our next trip to Fredericksburg. ;-)

  11. Ann,
    Thank you for a lovely post! My family is delighted that you wrote about our new store. Your blog is a wonderful place to spend time!

  12. What a great new place... Home at Last! I love reading your posts....You are such a great ambassador for FBG. Hey the Wallmart in Fredericksburg has a pretty decent wine selection too! I still have my mom's Collins box purse...I think she bought it from the Carriage Shop in North Park.



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