Monday, July 6, 2009

Fresh Fredericksburg Style with History

Fred and Enid Collins - Lara Collins Bobo and husband, Tim
Photos from Enid

I was so excited today when I read Courtney's Inside the Loop story about Tim and Lara Bobo's house in Fredericksburg. They are a local young couple who have combined their talents, both in
their home as well as in their businesses. Lara's grandmother Enid Collins, is famous for the jeweled box bags of the sixties.

I wanted to sort of "tag on" to Courtney's post as I am always excited when fresh talent emerges in our town. Also, their home is more contemporary than most I have featured, with the exception of Jon and Marilee's house, posted a few days ago.

Here is the story of enid, the creation of Tim and Lara today, taken from Lara's website:

When World War II came to an end, Fred and Enid Collins moved to Medina, TX with every intention of becoming ranchers. To the benefit of all who appreciate great style and artistry, the ranching business proved a struggle, and the couple turned to their artistic talents for their livelihood. The team began producing leather handbags with hand sculpted brass ornaments. Their first big client was none other than Neiman Marcus. They named their line Collins of Texas, and in time turned out all sorts of amazingly creative totes and handbags.

Decades later, Lara Collins Bobo, the Collins' granddaughter, teams up with husband Tim Bobo to open a shop featuring lines as creative and unique as Fred and Enid's. Every aspect of Enid is inspired by its namesake, Enid Collins, and her whimsical, colorful, and completely original design style. Also, Enid was known for her constant efforts to support the starving artists, evidenced in the eclectic art collection she left behind. With this in mind, Lara and Tim fill their shop with well designed pieces from lesser known artists/craftsmen/designers, including their own collections of handmade furniture and jewelry.

The shop itself is located in the quaint German town of Fredericksburg, TX, known for it's great shopping, local artists and craftsmen, peaches, pecans, and vineyards. Stepping into the Enid shop is guaranteed to be an unique experience. You will usually find Tim or Lara on site, willing to help inspire your creativity in decorating your home, picking out the perfect thoughtful gift, or to find that perfect accessory to enhance your lifestyle.

Courtney was kind enough to let me snag a few photos of the Bobo house to share here. For the full scoop, visit here. The bathroom is wonderful with the blue glass subway tile, the vintage tub, and the built in sink console, built by Tim. I love the mix of old and new.

The poured concrete floor is beautiful with the blue cabinetry, and I couldn't even believe the wishbone chairs belonged to Lara's grandmother - how cool is that! Tim and Lara are not only creative but productive. Tim has his own company, t. bobo , and builds custom tables that are great looking and quite substantial.

To learn more about this creative couple and their shop, visit enid or better yet, visit Fredericksburg, Texas in the beautiful Texas hill country.


  1. What an interesting story about such wonderful talent. I've got to get to Fredericksburg to see all the wonderful shops and people you have shared on your blog.

  2. hi!!!

    loved this country look bathroom. Yout blog is very informative....Please do visit mine...

  3. I would love to visit Fredricksburg! It is all over design magazines (back when they were still in business). I am sure there are great shops, there.

  4. I loved that story. Every time I read a story like that it makes me wish I could make something and sell it in stores! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Great story. I come to Fredericksburg frequently since my 78 year old mother lives there. I am always wanting to know about new shops as some places have gotten tired and redundant.

    I found your blog via Cote de Texas and now subscribe.

    Thanks for your efforts to keep us informed out here.

  6. Oh, I had a Collins box purse in elementary school! I so wish I still had it! I still remember how it felt and smelled (the wood)- I just loved it! My older sisters had one and I coveted theirs and got one for Xmas one year! This is such a great story, and it's so wonderful that her granddaughter is continuing the creative tradition!

  7. OMG, Enid has my Farmer's Market stationary!!!!!!! You are so cute. I love this, my mom has an old Collins box purse. Yellow with lots of pretty jewels.

  8. Ann!
    Thank you so much for posting about Enid and our house on your blog! I check you blog often to see whats new in the Hill Country and it is an honor to be included. Also, I loved the Pankratz home tour. Keep it up!

  9. wow, i love this post! looking at the picture of enid - what a beautiful line of bags she created and so fun to know the fred connection! and i love the combination of old and new in the grandmother/granddaughter connection as well as the latter's house! beautiful, ann!

  10. I love that you shared the background of their store! I hope to visit Fred. again during my next trip to Texas. What a lovely town -- full of incredible people. Would expect nothing less in that great state! Lovely post.



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