Sunday, July 3, 2011


Natural beauty.

Historical beauty

Fishing nets....... lovely colors and weaves......

 Art and design beauty

 Painted floor scrumptiousness.
Amazing chairs.
Camden, Maine

 Carver Hill Gallery

Rockland, Maine

Later gator.


  1. Ahhhh... Camden is one of my favorites! I have not been in those galleries. Are you up here now? I was just up in Rockland a week ago.

  2. enjoy your stay! I have never been to Maine. Those paintings by America Martin are unforgettably beautiful. My next stop is to find more information about this inspired artist. Thank you, once again, for the introduction. Your journeys are always sprinkled with such wonderfully artistic treasures!

  3. what a coincidence - just saw your comment! I found her on facebook and was looking through other gallery images online. And I started crying! Cristy walked in and looked at me like I was nuts. There might be one or two possible drawbacks to that bank robbing scheme.....but I think I know what you mean. :) Happy july4 weekend!

  4. Looks like a lovely trip. Those chairs are fabulous! Bet it's cooler than the 100 degree stuff we have here in Texas right now! Jealous!

  5. It has been years since I was in Maine...before the antique bug.

    Glad, I finally get a glimpse at the galleries.

    If they have raspberry pie must have it hot with ice cream. Simply the best!!

  6. I have many very happy childhood memories of a summer vacation walking distance from the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, more than 50 years ago! Thanks for jogging those pleasant thoughts ...

  7. It is so wonderful to see pictures from Maine. Our vacation will be in Maine this year too! What great art!



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