Sunday, August 14, 2011


After a very busy week of moving my daughter in to her first house out of college, I stayed home today to get my own house back in order.

I gave my daughter a sofa and some classic club chairs. 
We switched rugs around so that she could take one from home. 
Of course,  these changes meant moving furniture off of rugs and rearranging the furniture in new ways.
The changes required clearing tables and stacking things on the dining table, along with the piles of magazines and books, already there, that we had been pouring over these last few weeks looking for design ideas.

Although a general sense of fatigue has set in from the last few weeks, my mind was ready to put my house back together this morning,  in a different way. 

You know that feeling of inspiration, when ordering and arranging things becomes like making art - add some texture here, add some color there, edit..... take something away, add that little something for balance, find all things in one color range,  find colors that compliment, tall and short, pairs versus three, what works together, what relates, what doesn't......and on and on.

 I couldn't quite get there 100% today - some days I have more creative energy than others.
Sometimes I just sit down and browse through design books or blogs hoping to get inspired. 

Sometimes the vision comes from within......sometimes not.
It was a good day, though, and I am ready to tackle my blog again tomorrow (or the next day) and fill you in on some changes. 

  I laid the mirror on my coffee table and arranged a few things on top of it.

I found the mirror in Brunswick, Maine. The pieces on the frame are cut pieces of chocolate brown leather layered and attached to the edges.
Perhaps Victorian.
I think it is fabulous, strange, and I love it.

A group of pottery found in various places, mostly red in Fredericksburg, and Digs in Nashville.

 I am a pottery freak.

Thanks for stopping by.

Good night.


  1. What cool artful and ecclectic objects! Love all the shapes and texures. That blue gray cabinet is beautiful!

  2. I certainly enjoyed seeing your cabinet of curiosities! It strikes me that you are very much attracted to textures, and I really like your choices. Several photographs with shells suggest that you could constuct a wonderful miniature indoor grotto.

  3. you know that Madonna in the shell grotto was going to make me it!!

  4. Would love to stop at that shop in Nashville! Love your new header!

  5. you have a beautiful home with a truly lovely collection of artful life artifacts. I'm sure that each piece brings to mind certain images and memories. Aren't those the absolute best? I'm so curious about that seashell crown and have to admit that while writing this comment I'm thinking of a way I could possibly make one myself. I'm envisioning twisted wire and shells. Am I a total fanatic? Yes, probably. Thank you contributing to my journey of inspiration :) Diane

  6. love the new look, though i will miss the old, dearly. loved that picture!

    glad you are just moving in a new direction, for a second i thought you were going to say you were quitting or something! can't do that!!!




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