Saturday, August 6, 2011

Evoke Contemporary Santa Fe, Artist Louisa MacElwain

I am in the process of editing some old posts and labels  while reorganizing my blog and working on a new look with Shari of Little Blue Deer, who, by the way, is so talented!
Anyway, I came across this post that I never completed - much to my dismay - so I decided to hit "Publish" and share what little I wrote. Evoke Contemporary is Santa Fe is one of my most favorite galleries, ever, anywhere, and I urge you to visit the site for a real treat!

Evoke Contemporary is an outstanding gallery in Santa Fe.
Kathrine Erickson is the owner and she is charming,very knowledgeable and just plain fun to hang out with and talk art.

I hate to start this post with an apology, but here it is.

  I am so sorry that all I have is a few cell phone photos of my last visit with her at her wonderful gallery.

(I will snag some from her website to make up for my poor photos!)

So, the photo is Kathrine with Bruce.
Kathrine has a handsome and equally sharp partner, Elan.....but alas, Bruce captured my heart and jumped into the picture!

The gallery is a stunning space with room for the variety of art featured on any given day. One of my favorites are the paintings of Louisa MacElwain.
Her painterly style with vivid color and heavy brush strokes appeals to me on many levels.
My sweet husband - who also loves art - waits patiently for me when I obsess over certain artists and works!
Check out the website for a look at a lovely gallery with an amazing collection of art from paintings to drawings to sculpture and more.


  1. Oh I love Bruce and I'm sure I would love Katherine too because she is a dog lover! Looks like a great gallery to visit.
    I wish you were my neighbor- your love of art and animals makes me know you would be one of my favorite neighbors and friends.

  2. I love Santa Fe and all those wonderful art galleries! This one looks full of great pieces. Can't wait to go back. Your blog is looking good!

  3. Emily Leland, artist

    Louisa is one of my favorites, I have followed her forever. I love here strength and view. She inspires
    me. Emily

  4. Oh Anne, I love Santa Fe too, growing up in New Mexico. Louisa is an incredible artist with such strength
    and beautiful views of the country.
    I have followed her forever and now as an inspiration.
    Emily Ferrier Leland



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