Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Anthropologie Cool

On a quick trip to NYC in December I was smitten with these vintage portraits and chairs at the Anthropologie in Rockefeller Plaza. Today I received an email update from "anthro" and learned the origin of these treasures. Leslie Oschmann is a talented artist who was the visual director at Anthropolgie at one time. Today she has her own company called "Swarm Home" in Amsterdam.

Leslie is a wonderful artist who recreates objects and flea market finds. Visit her here.

What a treat I stumbled upon. I love the visuals at Anthropologie and took lots of photos of particular holiday displays , but I knew these were very special. Hope you enjoy!


  1. hi! i saw these beautiful chairs on my trip to nyc last month! never thought to find out more info about them, but i'm glad you did! they definitely caught my eye..my mom and i spent time in that room picking our favorite ones! i was so delighted to see them again!!!

  2. beulah - thanks so much for your comment! I loved these chairs and was thrilled to get the information on them, and so glad to pass it on. Isn't her website wonderful!

  3. hi again! thanks for your comments on my page! i do appreciate it..this is all very new to me! you couldnt find me on etsy b/c i'm not there yet! i will be soon and i'll post a link on the blog, so check back, please!! again, i so appreciate the kind words...means a lot, especially since i'm such a newbie!!! i love your blog, by the way : )



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