Friday, April 3, 2009

Texas Artist Jon Flaming

Although Fredericksburg, Texas is relatively small - population about 10,000 - we have some pretty impressive cultural events around town. Art and music are very popular here. From an adult or children's choir performance, to piano recitals, to honky tonkin' with Waylon and Willie and the boys in Luckenbach, there is seldom a weekend without an event of some sort celebrating the arts. The local art galleries have started a first Friday of the month "Art Walk", staying open late and encouraging tourists as well as locals to visit the galleries all along Main Street.

Farm House, Late Night 2008

Several years ago I attended the Cherry Springs Festival , benefiting the incredibly talented singing group, Canto, at the home of local philanthropists Diane and Harlan Stai. The Stais own a gorgeous historical estate, "Mansfeldt" just a few miles outside of town. They are very generous with their home and host many events there.

Old Church Near Stephenville, Texas 2007

A very special group of artists, represented by the David Dike Gallery in Dallas, displayed their work for the weekend. A cocktail reception was held on the Friday evening of the event and it was there that I had the pleasure of meeting Dallas graphic designer and artist Jon Flaming.

Feed Store, West Texas

Jon is a multi disciplined illustrator and graphic designer. His website is wonderful and shows great examples of his work, including advertising for Neiman Marcus, Blockbuster Video, Pepsi, and Dell, to name just a few.

Indian 2007

Of course, it was his fine art that captured my heart. I am a big fan of some of the Texas artists of the early to mid century, and while Jon admires and respects these same artists, he definitely has his own style.

Texas Farmer 2007

Jon captures the spirit of small towns in Texas as well as the culture and personality of the people. His figurative paintings remind me of another favorite Texas artist, David Bates, but Jon has his own definitive style.

Final Resting Place 2007

His bold strokes and use of rich color draw me to his work. His subtle comment on life and culture are found in the painting as well as the title. Love the title of this one - "Final Resting Place".

..........and this one, "When Will the Rain Come". 2008

Ranch House with Red Screen Door 2007

This is the painting I came home with that night. It reminds me of the little red farmhouse we lived in when we moved to Fredericksburg in 1995. Unfortunately, we did not have a river running through our property, but the hills, the cactus, the cow, and yes, the red screen door......he captures the feel beautifully.

I have since had the opportunity to see Jon's work at the 2008 festival and to meet his cute wife, Kathy. She is equally as engaging and interesting as Jon and I hope to see them again this spring.

Koffee Kup, Hico, Texas 2006

On the drive back from Dallas last fall, I stopped in at a favorite shop in Hico, Texas. Blue Star Trading has done an incredible renovation on a old building in downtown Hico. They have an array of home furnishings, clothing, books and gifts and a small, but spectacular collection of art. It is always a delightful distraction and nice break from the five hour drive.

Antique Store, Hico, Texas
To my surprise and pleasure, I stumbled across a couple of paintings that Jon had done a few years ago, before I was aware of his work. The one above is indeed, a little antique shop in Hico. This IS what the buildings look like and they all have that wonderful feel of old Texas small towns.

The one above it captures the spirit of the Koffee Kup diner in Hico where many, many folks stop to eat, or at least have a piece of pie, while driving through, only to wait for a table while the locals finish up their Sunday after church dinner. I later told Jon I love how the waitress's hair looks like the meringue on the pies !

Jon is as gracious and generous as he is talented. Not long after I met him, I was on the art acquisition committee for a fundraiser for my daughter's school and called him to ask for a small donation for our event. He gladly donated the above painting and it was all I could do not to bid on it myself and bring it home with me!

Jon will be participating in a group show this spring at Williams Reaves Fine Art in Houston. The show will preview the weekend of May 15-16, with an artist reception on May 22-23, and a gallery talk on the weekend of May 29-30. For specific times and directions, contact the gallery at 713-521-7500 or check the website.

To see more of Jon's work or for more information about him, visit David Dike gallery or Jon's website here. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for letting me know about the first Friday Art Walk! I had no idea... Maybe I'll see you there next month! Uptown Market is having a great sell right now. We bought a beautiful 1886 painting! I'll have to post a story on it.

    Wanted to let you know that I contacted Debbie at Simple Slips about finally getting my slip covers and curtains made... It's only taken me 6 months to find time to pick out fabric, etc. Got the fabric at Threads. I'm really excited! Anyway, just wanted to thank you for pointing me in the right direction with Debbie. Really appreciate it!

  2. I loved the art! Thanks for sharing and for the sweet note you left for me. Aren't those rooms awful...

  3. I love finding out what's going on in Fredricksburg from your site. Keep posting! Also, I have to find out why my feed on your site has not updated for six months! I post every day....

  4. okay, I tried four times to put your blog on my blog list but it won't let me. The link dumps me into feedburner. Any ideas?

  5. Thank you Rebecca. I wondered about your feed on my blog list - hope you can figure it out.Does it update on other blog lists? It is very frustrating, I know! See my comment to you regarding my posts on your blog list.

  6. That was fun! Kind of cross between Picasso and Grandma Moses, if there could be such a thing. :-)

  7. Thanks for treating me to learning something new!
    Thanks for visiting too....out where you are, isn't one of the spring traditions is to see the blue bonnets? My folks (heck, most of my relatives) are from TX and my dad keeps saying he wants to go visit...maybe next year I can take him!

  8. I love this! believe it or not I've been through Hico a few times - when we lived in Ft. Worth, eons ago.

    I HATE that I don't get your updates!!! help!!

  9. Love his style. Really enjoy the old church.

  10. Oh my goodness. I can't even remember how I first stumbled on your darling blog but when I did, you were writing about Barbara W..
    I shopped from her antique store in Dallas over the years, and even before, when she had sales in her lovely home in Garland. Now I'm reading about Jon and Kathy Flaming and David Dike, also "old" friends. I have lost touch with all of them (although I ran into David recently) but I'm so happy to learn Jon continues to create his charming artwork. I admired his talent when he was very young and just beginning his career. Its truly a small world; thanks for your update!!



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