Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Musings about Life and Coincidence

Earlier today I was catching up on my blog reading and was amused when I read Joni's latest post on her new collection of beautiful cream ware AND about the clock she bought at Marburger Farm last week for her kitchen.

Joni has exquisite taste. I love seeing what she does in her own home as well as in her client's houses. While I have a true appreciation for the style she loves, I have quite another style.

Mine is quirky, eclectic, folky, maybe even funky (okay, weird). I can't define my style other than it is colorful, casual, sometimes Southwestern, some Mexican and Italian, but not always...... more farmhouse than formal..........I love what I love and that is just me. We both love antiques and share a fanatical interest in design. As different as our personal styles are, we keep stumbling upon similarities between us.

In case you have not read before, I was once married to Ben's (aka Mr. Slipper Socks) brother. Had our timing been a little different, Joni and I would have been sisters in law. As it happened, we found each other through blogging!

The amusing thing about her post was that I had snapped a picture of her clock without realizing it when I took this photo. You see, I loved a lot of the things that dealer, Mary Jackson, from Colorado, had in her space at the antique show. She had a great variety of Southwestern items as well as a very nice collection of paintings and lamps, mirrors, silver trays, folk art pieces, and one particular fabulous old French clock.

I bought several items that just spoke to me from Mary. My choices are not the even close to being similar ! This old, hand carved from one piece of oak, Indian, is a great example of hand made folk art. He just needed to come back to the hill country with me! Do you think he is to redundant standing in front of the painting?

The other item is a very old iron planter with a water bird sitting on it's side. Perhaps a type of heron? Anyway, the planter is painted and resembles majolica in a way. Do not ask me why - I just love it! Sometimes I am attracted to things now that I know in years past, I would have thought were ugly as sin! This piece is one of those things. Like I said, I just love it!! Go figure.

Here she sits, posing on the hearth before taking her spot on the coffee table.......for the time being. You know how you have to move new things around to see where they fit best........and then of course, move them again when the spirit moves you!

Now she has a birds' nest in her planter to keep her warm. She is quite unique, isn't she?

Next I will tell another story on Joni that I could SOOO relate to. It involves the falling clock and some falling pottery (at my house!) - if you haven't done so, read her post about the falling clock here.


  1. Hi Ann!
    That is amazing you two smapped the same picture. What also amazes me: after you, Annie Joni, Brooke and I all were out there,snapping away, very few of us ended up the same pictures!So there is something for everyone...That poor clock......

  2. No, I love the Indian in front to the painting! Love how they relate to each other!
    And love the heron (all things birds really!)
    Looks like you did well at RT!!
    Can't wait to read your next post!

  3. I love all the coincidences in the blogging world!! and I love quirky weird finds. they have the most personality!!



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