Thursday, October 1, 2009

Round Top, Texas - Great People, Great Antiques

One of the best things about the antique business is the people! I love the community of folks who have a love of old things. Shortly after arrival at the Coles show on Monday,(one of the many shows opening in the last few weeks) I met the delightful Janet Romine. Learn more about her antique business, "Rubbish" here.

I like to study how other dealers set up their spaces at shows, always in hopes of improving mine when I set up the next time. Regardless of whether the merchandise is something I want to buy, the creativity and work that goes into a good set up is huge! I enjoy the visual education as much as I like the antiques.

Janet has a true talent and I found her space absolutely charming! Unfortunately, I was on sensory overload and a little frazzled from a short night of not much sleep. So, what typically happens with me is that I love the connection and the conversation, then I need to focus on really looking at the details, and then, with all good intentions, I plan to come back and visit some more and maybe spend a little cash with that great dealer.

Cute Janet in her pink Mexican dress, which we discovered we both still love after wearing them for many years!

However, at Round Top (meaning all the shows going on in the Round Top area) there is so, so much to see and sometimes I never make it back to that show. Add to that the hot Texas weather (I'm talkin' hot, sweaty, sticky, "suck the energy out of even hard core antiquers" weather) and often one has to just stop and take a break, even though there is always more to explore!

I had every intention of getting back over to see Janet, but will have to be satisfied for now with checking out her blog . Wow, is she talented!!

Love her knack for display. Notice the scalloped paper hanging along the tables over the black table skirts. Also, I LOVE the tags with random words on them all along the top border of the walls. Believe me, it is not easy to find ways to decorate those ugly pegboards we often have to contend with at antique shows.

Janet loves old flashcards and so do her customers. She has started another business in addition to her antique business and you can read about it here.

To be quite honest, I need to go to her website to understand ALL she does. My brain was fuzzy when we talked and she has such passion and excitement for what she does. I want some of that energy. I know I sound senile, but I really think it was the heat, sleep deprivation, and sensory overload!

Loved the monochromatic scheme of her booth, with just a touch of pink here and there. What a treat to stumble upon Janet and her delightful space. I look forward to following her!

Oh boy - here we go. Tuesday was the opening day of the Marburger Farm antique show. The Texas sign says it all - we do it big here in Texas!

This show has gotten huge and this is just a fraction of the anxious shoppers lined up for the opening at just one of the many tents and small buildings .

Every shop and every dealer must find their niche. Once upon a time, at the fall Fredericksburg antique show, I had the pleasure of spending the show set up right down the aisle from Linda of Willow Nest. It was Linda's first time here and she and her husband, Ludmil, had hopes of moving to our town and opening a shop. As time passed, they realized that this just wasn't quite the right place for them, and they felt a tug in their hearts for the town of Burton, Texas, just down the road from Round Top. They have since opened a fabulous shop in Burton and are quite happy where they have landed.

I was most delighted to see their incredible booth set up at Marburger Farm and had only a brief visit with Linda as they were very busy. I am so happy that they have indeed found their niche. I wish them all the best in their endeavors. I am constantly amazed at the number of creative people I have met in the antique business and they truly fall into this category!

Okay - enough talk on my part. Here are some more of the wonderful booths set up at the Marburger show. I tried to choose a variety to share so that you can see, there is truly something for everyone here!

Loved this booth - a blend of rustic and French and Mexican.................

More beautiful old leather bound books than you could ever need..................

This blue painted demilune table with the gilt fragments just took my breath away!

Gorgeous French furniture and pottery.............

Cutting edge industrial pieces and very handsome lighting..............

I am not inclined to buy circus pieces, but this booth really did have all the old things you remember about the circus or going to the state fair - so full of charm.

One of my favorite dealers, Mary Jackson, from Colorado, had a wonderful assortment of art and accessories.Click photo for details.

More funky and fun, mixed with elegance and whimsy...........

Aren't these urns gorgeous?

I loved the simplicity of this red metal chair next to the glass float and the water bird...........

Love the old barber pole and the Indian rug - again, something for everyone!
Same booth - transferware, tramp art, fine art...............does it get any better?

Oh wait - it does! These large zinc wall pieces were absolutely stunning.

I loved these books covered in old French manuscripts - absolutely charming.

It just goes on and on, and this is just a smidge of all that I saw.................

an amazing faux bois bird house - how cool is that?

I adore these Spanish or Mexican chairs, but the price was waaaay out of my league!

This amazing piece of folk art is the best from Brad and Sundie Rupert, artists extraordinaire from Iowa. LOVE their work!!

Simple, but something about this horse head mounted above the old gate just made me smile.

Walking out of the show, hot and tired and needing to get home........... I stumble upon these French doors - Aahh!! my heart skips a beat......measure, get a price, drool over the detail - the faded green paint, the scalloped trim, the old iron, the detailed inset paneling........ wish, wish, wish I had an immediate need for them ..........begin to talk to myself... "have some discipline, Ann , come on, walk away........walk away. Good bye gorgeous, green painted doors. May we meet again someday".

P.S. For more on this great show, visit Cote de Texas, Velvet and Linen, Beadboard Upcountry, and The Bunny Bungalow


  1. Hi,
    I just want to let you know that I discovered your blog just a few minutes ago and I am so glad! You have a wonderful blog! I will enjoy to visit you and to scroll down your blog in the next days! I added you to mu bloglist!


  2. This is a GREAT post! We didn't have time to hit Round Top, just a smidgen of Warrenton. Next time for sure! Wow, so many great pics, I'm drooling.
    Have you seen my Warrenton posts this week? I had soooo much fun, but it's crunch time now, only a couple of days until the big opening, yippee!!!

  3. Hi, love your coverage of the show! And thanks for the mention. I was also there Tuesday morning for the opening and kept looking for you, as if I would recognize you from your profile photo!

  4. What can I say?! Except...wish I was there! Love those books covered in the French manuscripts. How interesting and clever. Annnnd...I will never again leave a booth without paying due respect -- or attention -- to the displays! cheers -s

  5. Grat post on Marburger! I love those Books with the French manuscripts. There is so much there. Thanks for the Mention. Wow. I'm beginning to feel like a real blogger...:)

  6. It's so true about all the great people you meet antiquing, isn't it?! I loved seeing all these photos- brings back great Round Top memories! Brimfield might be bigger, but I think Round Top has much better merchandise! The photos make me jealous!!
    So, what did you buy?!

  7. I love it all!! Looks like a super day!

  8. * FAB photos of FAB "things"~~~~ Oh, how I wish going to these once in a while was "possible".... but I KNOW me, and I'd have to hire a 747 to get me~~~ and all my "finds!~~~ HOME (or at least an 18-Wheeler or two!)!!!! (And I SUSPECT that's just something my Jim probbbbbbbably would NOT understand!!! Grins!)~~~

    Super delightful blog today! Many thanks,
    Linda in AZ *

  9. Thanks for the looksee. I used to set up at Marburger next to Janet and her sister Mo. It's a good thing I didn't go. I don't have a square foot in my house, garage and barn for anything else. But, it is always fun to look.

  10. this trip through warrenton, the one i just took via your blog, is definitely the way to go: a fun overview sans tired feet! i love it!

  11. My heart just skipped a beat at that gorgeous photo of the old leather bound books! One of my passions...

  12. I love your RT pics! I'm so glad you got Linda from Willow Nest, her booth was so amazing. I loved the Rubbish tent too, she had such a great collection of 'stuff'. She also had tons of transferware. Looks like we were in the same places, maybe we talked..ha! Lisa

  13. Thank you for sharing your photos of the antiques fair. Between you and the other bloggers who went to the fair, I feel like I've been there!

  14. I agree with Rebecca, I feel like I've had a wonderful dream about Antiques and Texas! I've never been to these shows, but would sure like to try next year. You mentioned in a previous blog (can't remember now which one), about an upcoming show in Comfort. Do you happen to know Jim Lord? I was just wondering if he still has the Inn there? I know him from Atlanta and the Nashville shows. Just curious....Well, have a great week and I look forward to your future posts...

  15. OMgosh! Thanks so much for the fabulous post! I'm still a little dazed from the last two weeks but promise to catch up with your blog soon and follow you! It was great to meet you and look forward to seeing you in the Spring!



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