Friday, July 23, 2010

Bedroom re-do and Hans Wegner look alike chairs

I have been working on redecorating my college daughter's room. I want it to still be her room, but with a more grown up feel, and a little more comfortable for guests when she is not at home and we need that extra bedroom.

Since our house is for sale, I am trying to keep costs at a minimum and not do things we couldn't take with us - meaning no custom window treatments, no painting, no expensive rugs or bedding, no fabulous and funky chandeliers, that kind of thing. Keeping it simple, but colorful and comfortable, and interesting,  that's the goal.

I am trying to use things that I have, some from other places in the house and some from my "stash". These chairs have been in my collection since I found them in a junk shop a few years ago. I was thrilled to discover them because they reminded me of the folding chairs designed by mid century Danish designer, Hans Wegner, in 1949. They are quite comfortable and in great shape, and one of my best finds!

I found the painting at a shop in town owned by a friend, where she found it at an estate sale. I hope to hang some more original art in her room rather than the posters and photo collages of high school. (Not that those are not precious - they will have a sacred space for safekeeping.)

Hans Wegner folding chair, designed in 1949

Coincidentally, Patricia of pve design just did a post on these chairs, as well as a few other designs. She, too, had the good fortune to acquire some look alikes! Rather than be redundant, read more here on her great blog.

Meanwhile, I will post again when I get more of the new room pulled together. I am fooling around with cotton Indian print bedspreads as curtains and a sea grass rug. So far, it is coming together in a loose, ethnic and colorful way that should be quite fun when all is said and done.


  1. Looking good! Love the chairs and the artwork!!

  2. Found your blog via heirloom fun!

  3. Those are great chairs! and I like the Indian prints with it... look forward to seeing how it progresses. How is the market doing in your area right now?

    BTW... Love your new blog header... ~Terri

  4. Ann - It looks great. Those look-alikes are fab! I'm also loving the curtains you have in the room. They look similar to a duvet cover I bought years ago from an Australian company called Sheridan. Do you by any chance remember where you got them? Hope all is going well w/the house sale.

  5. very fun! i'm my most creative when i have the fewest options! the chairs are great!

  6. Yep, I have the same chairs!

  7. Terrific chairs, and they look comfy too! Can't wait to see the "grown up" room. cheers,



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