Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Blog Friend and Favorite Artist, Jon Flaming

A while ago, I posted here about on of my favorite artists, Jon Flaming. Yesterday I received an email from Jon about someone else who is crazy for his work. Lucky girl, Brooke, of Pure and Noble ,  knows Jon and his cute wife, Kathy, on a much more personal basis than I. She gets to go to their home and hang out with them! She posted some wonderful photos, thanks to her helpful husband, and you should really visit here and read the whole story. You will not be disappointed!

Isn't this a wonderful banner for her blog? Guess what? Jon designed it. He is not only an very talented creator of fine art, but owner of his own multidisciplinary firm creating amazing graphics and brands for lots and lots of folks.........I'm talking big dogs like Pizza Hut, American Airlines, Neiman Marcus. This guy is good. Learn more about him here
and HERE.


  1. I need to visit TX. Your pictures keep making me daydream and the Ranger Drive In begs to be seen in person!

  2. Texas is getting interesting.. Nice art

  3. Your taste in art has such range. I love it when you feature artists!



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