Saturday, February 12, 2011

Amoroso Cottage - A Special Hill Country Retreat

I love discovering that someone you know, or thought you knew, "wears a different hat" than you might have ever expected. 

My opthamolgist and friend, Martha, is just that person. 

While she is an excellent physician and highly respected in her field, it has been great fun to see her and her husband, David, browsing through the antique shows that I do.  They both love old things and rarely miss a show around the area. 

One day she told me excitedly that she and David had purchased an older home in Fredericksburg and were re-doing it to function as a bed and breakfast. They call is Amoroso Cottage and it sits on a quiet street in the historical neighborhood, just a short walk to Main Street, shops and restaurants.

The house is classic old Fredericksburg, with two doors opening out onto the front porch. I am not sure why they had two doors when they built these house. Perhaps it was for the use of a boarder who might want his or her own entry. The door closest to the rocker is the official front door, and the other ones enters into a bedroom.   I am sure this is a bit of house history I should know!

 Martha and David have added a beautiful stone patio with stone fireplace in the back yard of their house. They also had a gorgeous rock wall built along the front border and incorporated some beautiful iron work as well.

 The entry is simple, with no strong hint of the charm and wonderful decor to be discovered upon entering!

  The parlor, or living room, is right inside the entry. I took my photos during the Christmas  season so as you can, Martha and David were expecting holiday visitors!

                                 Every room is filled with vintage finds and comfy furnishings.

The view from the kitchen looking back at the parlor and front door.

The kitchen has a full dining table so lots of people can enjoy meals and good times here.

 The kitchen is quaint and homey, filled with every necessity for staying here comfortably, and has a ton of charm !

 Martha found the iron fixture at Pottery Barn and filled it with vintage cards.

(Hmm....another thing to hunt for at shows and flea markets. I think she may be hooked!)
Very clever and very creative!

 The pewter collection evolved when Martha started noticing it at antique shows and then decided to decorate her cottage.
Funny how we first begin to just stumble upon things at shows and then before we know it,  we begin to hunt for them!

                                                      Wonderful vintage canister collection.

 I am crazy about this chest, and how Martha stacked the smaller painted chests on top! It sits in the hallway downstairs between the bedroom and the bathroom.

       The master bedroom is downstairs off of the kitchen. There are two more bedrooms upstairs. Martha hung the beautiful tapestry behind the bed to cover the second door I referred to. 
Clever, and it makes a beautiful headboard!

                                                         Don't you love the old staircase?

 Both bedrooms are cozy and inviting. Clearly Martha used her talent to create colorful and comfortable rooms for her guests.

 Love the way the vintage and the new are mixed to create just the perfect balance in this wonderful old fashioned house.

What a fun spot to sit at the end of the day. 
A fire in the fireplace, friends sitting around in the Adirondack chairs swapping stories from their day,  add a glass of wine and some snacks ........makes for a great time!

Beautiful iron gate entering the back yard.

If you are interested in learning more about Amoroso Cottage, 

You can find out details, prices and availability. Go now, though, because come spring time in Texas we get very busy. Lots and lots of folks love coming for a weekend to see the bluebonnets in bloom and enjoy our beautiful hill country!


  1. What a great spot to relax and have a drink by the outdoor fireplace.
    Mary Ann

  2. Ann this is a wonderful find... I love the feel of this home... such a different feel than many of the guesthomes in FBG. The kitchen with all of the seating would be great for family. .. and that backyard with the fireplace... first class! Thank you so much for the link... I booked a week-end.

  3. What a charming home! I love that stair and the wood ceilings. The chest is beautiful with the other small chests on top. What a nice way to display her collection.

  4. Visiting Fredericksburg is on my list of places to visit, for so many reasons. You just gave me another. :-)


  5. What a charming cottage!
    I'm planning a trip to Austin in the spring and planning to include Fredericksburg as a side day trip. I am really wanting to see bluebonnets in full bloom!

  6. what a beautiful spot, I'd love to be there now, as a matter of fact, chilling by the outdoor fireplace and pouring a lovely glass of cabernet. Seems I've missed some posts. Darn! I need to catch up!

  7. Ann,can I hire you as my marketing manager? What an awesome job you did showcasing my B&B. Thank you so much.Martha

  8. This is so beautiful! The outdoor fireplace is awesome! I love all of the rooms and they are decorated so beautifully.

  9. Good morning! I am your eternal admirer, I love your photos! Always use on my blog ... a time when you come to meet me! Congratulations on your blog and abraçoaqui from Brazil!

  10. so cute, i love the outside fireplace and the staircase! what a way to persue a dream. the house is so fred. it really has that "look" - they were lucky to find such a gem! the name though - hehe - it reminds me of amarosa, remember her from the 1st season of the Apprentice? it is almost the same exact name.
    hope all is well!

  11. The doors off the bedrooms (many old homes had one exterior door from each bedroom) were for midnight outhouse visits--that way you would not wake up the household as you went through the house, often through connecting bedrooms. :-) At least, that's what my dad told me, and he was born in a tiny Texas town in 1889, and spent most of his life in small Texas towns, living in old country homes.



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