Monday, February 7, 2011

Tropical Weather Fantasies

So, after all the cold, icy weather and all the talk about the Super Bowl and how cold it was in Dallas, (yawn)  I am dreaming of a warm day with a nice breeze, perhaps a good book, and more interesting a pool with a nice drink...sound good to you? 
Come along.
                                                             Fantasy Number One

I have no idea where this pool is.

(These are all images I have saved in my files, so forgive me for not giving credit for them.)

In my dreams, this is my backyard, maybe in town on a quiet cul-de sac. The house is not too big and not too small, and of simple but perfect design.
Mike and I will live here happily ever after.......watching the sun set through the trees and welcoming our friends and family often for good food, conversation, fun, and laughter.

Fantasy Number Two

This house is in the country, just outside of Fredericksburg.

You can see the beautiful, scruffy hill country through the doors. We are able to sit out by this pool at night and see a billion stars because we are just far enough from town for the lights of the city not to interfere with our view. 
Oh, and all those native plants and fruits and flowers - I grow them because I have an amazing green thumb! (It's a fantasy, remember?)
P.S. While I am dreaming, there are no mosquitoes or flies, ever. Period. They do not exist at all.

                                                            Fantasy Number Three

Now this pool is in Maine. Yep, in Maine,  on a big lake, but not too far from the coast. 

We swim in the pool, ski and fish on the lake. We can get down to the beach in about ten minutes, though, if we feel like a clam bake? Hmmm......does it work that way? Can you just run down to the coast for a clam bake? Clearly, I have some things to learn..... and the house?

Well, it is a classic Maine cottage with a mud room that looks something like this....


Image from Garnet Hill

         and maybe a bedroom that looks like this.....

Please remember, this was all a dream. Back to reality and the chores of Monday. 

What are your dreams today?


  1. We had some mild weather today in Virginia Beach, it was nice to go to the beach and collect shells with my 3 y.o! That was a dream come true!

  2. Sounds good to me, sister!!! All of those places are prettier than my winter surroundings at this point!!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  3. Any of those dreams would work for me. I am really looking forward to warmer weather but, it looks North Texas is getting another cold front with snow tonight. Stay warm down there. :-)

  4. Love Garnet Hill and had totally forgotten about them for cute home stuff. I've been searching for a shower curtain and I think you've helped me find the one I want! Just blogged about your post.
    Thank you thank you.

  5. I am dreaming that our renovation is all done...and that our twin boys get into the University and do well ---and that I paint a new collection to hang in your dream home or cottage!

  6. A pool anywhere would be my dream after being covered in snow from the blizzard. I love your images.

  7. I'm thankful for my big back yard and my own pool, but trust me, they don't look anything like the fantasy images. *sigh*



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