Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nashville Antique Show Review

 A number of years ago I bought this old furniture store sign at the Heart of Country Antique Show in Nashville. It was in the booth of Missouri Plain Folk, and stopped me in my tracks. It just spoke to me and if you are reading this blog, it probably speaks to you too!

It has hung in various spots in two houses since I bought it, and I still love it. I think it must have hung outside as it looks like it used to have a light in it. Maybe one day I will have it rewired to light up - that would be fun!
Currently it hangs in a window of the bar area off of my entry hall. You can see the porch outside and the door leading to another part of the house.

I had the pleasure of visiting my daughter in Nashville this past weekend, and a little time to run through several of the shows going on. Of course, I hit the Heart of Country show again, and it never disappoints.  I want to share a few of my favorite booths from this year's show.

While my post is general in nature and is only meant to highlight some of my favorites, click on the links to learn more about some of the fine, authentic antiques I saw. 

By far one of the prettiest booths was that of Raccoon Creek from Oley, Pennsylvania. My photo does not begin to do it justice, so here are some detailed shots.....

 Again, my photo does not do it justice, but this bentwood folk art basket on the wall looked to be in mint condition and the red, white and blue paint on it was wonderful!  I think it goes beyond it's original function as a basket and is a true piece of folk art.

                                                   Photo from Racoon Creek Antiques

 A charming  hooked rug of a dog with a triangular colorful border,  with good age on it, and the wagon box below it, were the most tempting for me in this shot, although each piece is fabulous. 

The blanket chest from Berks County, Pennsylvania, is about as charming as it gets. The paint is classic Americana. While this is called a country show, any of these pieces would be stand outs in a contemporary house. The detail, the craftsmanship and the colors are outstanding examples of hand made, history at it's best.
This hooked rug of the flowers is so fun and almost could be a contemporary painting. The Vermont Mule chest from the late 1700s has been painted in a style called "vinegar grain" and is spectacular. The simple lines of the chest make it a piece that would fit any style home. 

I love the gallery settings in which these antiques are shown. The hooked rugs mounted and hanging on the walls raises them to the level they should be, as true pieces of art. Can you even imagine working by hand to create a rug, only to toss it on the floor and have people walk on it!?
The pictorial hooked rug of a Cape Cod house is folk art at it's best! I love the oversized chickens and the large flower. Scale, or rather lack of realistic scale, is something in folk art that I find utterly charming.

The tinned sheet iron sconces with oak leaf crests are fabulous! They are American and were handmade in Pennsylvania by a tinsmith during the mid to late 1800s.  To me these are an example of good design is good design, regardless of when it is created.

Next on my favorites list was the booth of Dennis Raleigh from Wiscassett, Maine. OH!! I could take everything in this booth home with me!! Seriously, I could not wipe the grin off of my face as I strolled through this space, taking in each and every fine and quirky antique. What can I say - this stuff just makes me happy!

 Where to start - I love the hooked rug with it's happy bunch of flowers, I love the large glass canisters which I wish I had gotten the info on, I love the cat andirons, I love the old game board, I love the cat portraits...................
This little piece is exquisite.
It is a folk art carving from the 1920s, depicting Jesus and the two thieves.

 This apothecary chest was in the booth of American Spirit Antiques from Murphy, North Carolina. I had the nicest visit with Jay, who owns the shop with his wife, Carole. This piece was so, so wonderful and I wish I could have afforded it. The yellow paint covers the blue, but the person who was stripping it back to the original blue stopped after she finished the bottom row of drawers because she liked it this way. I do too!  It is very, very old and just a treasure!

Jay and Carole also had this lovely corner cabinet with old paint. I guess you can tell I like color, and especially original paint!
 Speaking of fabulous apothecary pieces, this one with the gorgeous blue paint really caught my eye! The shape is highly unusual and the detailing is fabulous.

I took two photos so you could see the beautiful booth set up and then also see the blue piece straight on. Sorry about the glare of the lights.

Loved this funky little bird house in the booth of Douglas R. Wyant, from Cassopolis, Michigan. I don't think it is really very old, but it has great color and great graphic style.

I also loved this funky hooked rug in Douglas' booth. If you know anyone named "Damon" you should tell them about this rug - so quirky and great colors!

 This was a very cool booth with lots of industrial pieces. Great  form and color, too!

Very clever and good looking table made out of old metal something!

 Here are some random shots taken as I walked the show on my way out - love the mix of industrial, folk art , garden statuary and fountains.

Love the old scrolly iron pieces and LOVE the blue grain painted trunk - gorgeous blue!

Kitties and hitchin' posts.....

 Old, wonderfully old, signs and such.....
what a treat to see so many good things under one roof.

Hope you have enjoyed your tour of the "heart show".

Sadly, I did not get to take photos of the Tailgate and Music Valley shows. I walked through them  but was pressed for time. They were great too, and maybe next fall I will get to take photos.

Coming up this weekend, The Boerne Optimist Antique Show and I am setting up there! Gotta get to work pronto - come see me!!


  1. Wonderful stuff! So many fun antiques.
    Have you always collected primitive antiques? I've had a fickle antique heart, I've gone from primtives to fine antiques and now my heart is taking me back to primitives.

  2. You can really see how much care the dealers put into their display areas. Great eye candy.

  3. I love these primitives. We don't get much of them in So. California. I really need to get out of town. Thanks so much for the beautiful photos. I haven't been blogging or reading blogs, lately, and am glad I started up again.
    Take care,

  4. WOW! That looks like so much fun! I'm not sure which is my favorite. I am certainly attracted to the hooked rugs. Just like old quilts, they can relay such a personal story via materials & subject. Most even include the hookers initials and date of completion.

    I adore the (happy) Jesus & the 2 (sad) thieves. wonder where they used to hold court. Ah, and the tables. I don't know why, but I love tables. Fabulous!

  5. Beautiful finds. I love the blue apothecary piece too. I like how they use such creativity with their displays.

  6. Hi Ann!
    Thanks for the virtual visit!!! Feel like I attended this show! Maryenne xo

  7. Your photos are fabulous, makes me wish I had been there! The apothecary cabinet and the quilt above made my heart pound, that is just one of a kind. Hope your visit was wonderful and your next stop in Boerne is stress-free! And thank you ever so much for your thoughtful and kind support. Means the world to me :)

  8. What a great apothecary chest... wow! What I couldn't store in that piece! Also loved the rugs, Ann. I can just see some of these scattered throughout your house. Did you happen to bring any home?

    Fun post!

  9. I love the sign you have hanging in your house. It is so appropros(sp?)!! I used to love to antique shop and then I ran out of space in my house! Now I spend that time on my quilts!!

    Have you checked out my new blog?
    It is writings about life. I have just started writing poetry and cannot believe it is so fun. It is too bad it took me 47 years to discover that!!

    God bless,

  10. hi Ann!
    was thinking of your tonight so thought I would pop over and say hi! hope all is well with you and your family and that Spring is there in Texas!
    this looks like it was a fun show!


  11. I really enjoyed shopping with you. Great photos. Unusual items. Very fun.
    Mary Ann

  12. Hi Ann!
    That blue apothecary speaks to me, too!
    Just wanted to drop in and say hello.

  13. Hi Ann, I just found your site and will enjoy looking back at some of your older posts. Love all the quaint primitive looking objects in the this post...very inspiring.

  14. What a fun place to find those unusual pieces - great display and array of items.

  15. I've always wanted to go to Heart of Country...looks like it's worth the trip! LOVE those hooked rugs, especially the one with the bright pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing...and for encouraging me to go to Dolly Johnson! :) xo Lindley

  16. This is always such a great show! Unfortunately, I missed it this year but went last year and enjoyed every minute. Always such beautiful eye candy!

  17. thanks for the eye the old hooked rugs.



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