Monday, June 13, 2011

Nest Interiors and So long, Nashville, for Now.....

You know I can't go to Nashville and not visit a few design shops.....even when it IS graduation weekend and move out weekend - the latter being the MOST crazy experience ever! 

So, what is a family to do but pop over to Taco Mamacita for a frozen margarita and some Mexican food for sustenance after the move, right?

(We are talking lots and lots of kids moving out of the dorm, overcrowded and overused elevators, seven flights of stairs, up and down, up and down, boxes and boxes, and finally two loaded cars about to make a 17 hour drive back to Texas -  we needed a treat!!)

Oh, and guess what?
There just happens to be the best little design and interior furnishing shop right down the street!
Funny how that happens.

NEST Interiors,
owned by the cute and charming Stephanie Van Hoesan,

is a carefully edited mix of one of a kind art pieces, jewelry and good looking home items. Linens, dishes, lighting and furniture pieces mingle with paintings, pillows, and beautiful religious items. Organic and industrial, warm and witty - I love this kind of shop.

What caught my eye, though, and completely captured my soul were the feather flowers made by artist Micha Kling.

Each feathered flower made from of different variety of Pheasant feathers, the pieces are arranged in vintage containers. 

I so wanted to bring home a large one, but am quite happy with the two I managed to cram place carefully in a car already chock full of four years worth of college belongings.

In my entry hall at the moment, they will move around the house I am sure. I love the subtle colors with that bright little pop of red and a soft blue in the smaller one.

All natural - all so pretty.

Stephanie's shop also has a beautiful selection of organic jewelry.
The above necklaces are rich in color and texture.

Looking from the middle of the shop towards the street, you can see how one could spend quite a bit of time in here to see every little treasure packed in this glorious industrial space.

I LOVED this one on mossy log. 

Beautiful selection of handmade and interesting bracelets.

Some of the feathered flowers are enclosed in terrarium like containers. So, so pretty.

I think this one with the striated pattern of orange, black, brown and creams is just stunning.

And this one - look at that pop of turquoise - and to think it is natural, not man made. Amazing.


and more earrings.....

Chunky, organic bracelets - don't even get me started on the jewelry. 
It would take me days to decide which piece (or five) to buy!

I am going to miss my design "fixes" in Nashville.

It's a wonderful city full of personality and charm.

I will have to go back to visit again one day, even without my girl in college there!

Here are just a few memories from "our" four years there!

The famous Hugh Newell Jacobson house that I  stalked drove by at the encouragement of fellow blogger Laura Casey.
It was such a thrill to see it - the only thing better would have been if the owner had waved and invited me in!

Furnishing my daughter's room in a big, old house. She lived there one summer with five other girls. We had fun scouting around town for affordable and useful things. Here is the pink metal folding table we found at an estate sale......

and the wonderful Papason chair from Pier One.

The wonderful Haven: Sanctuary of Style in Franklin, Tennessee. Great shop!

More of Haven.

 Silly times at the Loveless Cafe.

Classic Nashville.

One of my most favorite shops in Hillside Village.

 Great spot across the street for coffee or a really good meal.

The BEST roommate's mom and roommate, EVER!

The Graduates

So long for now Nashville.....stay cool!


  1. As usual I was excited to see a Nashville post! Congratulations on your daughters' graduation! Thanks for including my post in your Nashville roundup. I miss my Vanderbilt days too!

  2. Oh how I miss Nashville! Nest sure was great. And thanks for featuring me and Catherine on this post! I will miss exploring Music City with you. Love you, mom!

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely post! You and your daughter were such a delight to have that day. I hope your trip home was a good one and you are happily in your cozy home (which by the way, is beautiful!).

    Whenever you are in Nashville again, please stop by to say hello.
    Thanks again!

    Stephanie Van Hoesen
    Nest Interiors

  4. What beautiful girls and an exciting time!! Glad you were able to squeeze in a little time for shopping...such a necessity!!



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