Friday, June 3, 2011

Williams & Williams, Bunny and I are Tight


Okay not really.

I have admired Bunny Williams for many years, but I have never met her........

Unlike my friend, Joan, who was the envy of all design bloggers everywhere when she went to lunch at Bunny's here!

I just ran across something at her shop in NYC, Treillage, that I must call your attention to. 

Yes, call me smug.

Wonderful charger and fish plate at Treillage
Charming little egg bowl from Treillage.

Love this fish dish!

You could use this for all kinds of things from appetizers to dessert!
Great rimmed soup bowl.

All the above from Bunny Williams' Treillage.

The reason for my smile and this post is that I have collected Mexican pottery for many years - like 25 or 30 years.

I collect vintage pottery, but started with the pottery of Gorky Gonzales, a very talented potter from Guanajauto, Mexico. I bought my first pieces on a weekend trip to Nuevo Laredo in 1976.

I posted a little about it when I first started blogging:

See all those plates above the window - yep, all Gorky. See the three on the left - kind of square rimmed bowls - they were my first purchase. I still love them today.

Here is my dining table as it looks today.......

Love my chicken on top of my cook top. Sometimes she holds cookie cutters for me.

And here is where I make my coffee or tea each morning - one canister holds the coffee, the other holds tea bags.

Enough, you say? Okay, okay....... 

Maybe it's overkill ,but I do love my pottery and to see some of it on Bunny Williams' site is just sort of validating, ya know? 

So, like I said, Bunny and I are tight......

I wish.


  1. one needs to validate your blog...

  2. I love pottery too. My family says I have a bit of an obsession. Bunny's stuff looks beautiful and so does your collection! Love that name...Gorky. You'll never forget it.

  3. I almost met her! I was set to attend a lecture in Dallas but got into the city an hour late...missed the lecture! ;(

  4. Bunny is a goddess. I am just reading her "An Affair with a House" book.

    xo Terri

  5. too fun!! well, we know that you and bunny have the same name and the same fabulous taste!! love the pottery, and how smart of you to collect it so early! do you think I should see if bunny wants to come to maine with us?!


  6. Love, love, love this post and I knew it had to be Gorky when I saw it! I also loved seeing Alice's house. So fun!!

  7. Normlly Mexican pottery doesn't work with my taste especially chickens.... Bus I apprecThese are pretty when you see a lot of it together, I also admit your chicken has some very cute personality!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  8. It's not overkill. I say a crowded house is a reflection of a very involved creative person. I love going into houses and seeing collections. It you came to my house, you'd see why I feel that way. Your dining table made me gasp! Just gorgeous!

  9. You have such extraordinary taste, Ann. Each time I visit, I love-love-love!! I will be in your neighborhood on Monday. Perhaps you might like to meet face to face for tea or something?!

  10. I love your blog!!



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