Friday, June 24, 2011

A Visit with Blogging Friend, Susan, from Love Where You Live

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Susan Fox from the blog Love Where You Live

Susan and I have corresponded over the past few years and it was so much fun to actually have her in my home. We talked like we were old friends and had lunch together in a most casual way! (Read: splitting three different sandwiches,sharing with my daughter, dripping pimento cheese and chicken salad out of the bread, sipping tea and talking non stop the whole time!)

Susan had been in the hill country for a few days, visiting with girlfriends and attending the lavender festival up the road in Blanco, Texas.
She had a morning appointment in Fredericksburg, and then made the time to come over for lunch and get acquainted with me before heading on to her next stop. 
Talk about a road trip!

I have envied Susan's life for quite some time. She and her husband had a beach house in Galveston, Texas, and live in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.

In my mind, the best of both worlds! My husband loves the mountains and I love the water. Susan and her husband have it figured out!

Is this not the cutest little cottage you have ever seen!

Susan has featured this little jewel box on her blog and it has been featured in magazines. Lucky for Susan, when she and her husband were ready to sell it, the right buyer came along quickly, and now that person, whoever she may be, is the object of my jealousy!

Susan most graciously asked if she could snap some photos at my house, and the next thing I know, she has written the most lovely post about my home in the hill country, with a clever twist on my collections and vignettes around the house. 

The entry come in.

So, even if you have toured Hill Country House before, do visit Susan here, as she adds her own spin as she sees my home through her eyes. 

Thank you so much Susan, and I look forward to visiting you in your home one day soon!!


  1. that is a fabulous feature on your beautiful home Ann!! It was so fun to see the rooms that we all post individually, all together. This was extra special to see your home through Susan's eye- loved the tour and the commentary. And, I'm coveting that small display table and the thick marble bible!!

    talk soon,

  2. How fun that you two met! I'm off to visit Susan and view your wonderful home.

    xo kelley

  3. What a treat to see so much of your house all at once! I was so
    happy to see the shell covered dress forms included , I have studied them over and over on your sidebar. :) You have such an amazing collection of folk art and Susan did a great job of showing it to us. Thanks!!

  4. Thanks for posting Susan's blog, gorgeous artistic house.

  5. Ann,
    Loved seeing your fabulous house on Love Where You've been hiding so many cool vignettes,amazing collections, etc! Just love the antique sign in the foyer...and the faux bois planters...I'm from SA, so I know those beautiful faux bois bus stops well..I grew up in Terrell Hills/Alamo Heights where they're located.

    Great that yall were able to meet up....I keep meaning to go to Salida with my husband b/c we have a good friend that lives wonderful to have houses in the mountains AND the beach!

  6. I read Susan's post and loved seeing you home in more detail. She did such a nice job. Looks like you both had a nice visit!

  7. How fun Ann! I'll have to go check it out!!!!!!!Amazing meeting people you've corresponded with for a long time!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  8. How great to be able to meet a fellow blogger. Your home is beautiful! I love all of the art work you have displayed and all off the stone and windows throughout the home. Gorgeous!

  9. I still fondly think back on our visit, Ann. That was such a special week and weekend -- in more ways than one. I hope our paths cross again ... perhaps in Colorado! Thanks for the "shout-out." hugs, -s

  10. I loved seeing your collections through Susan's have been holding out:)

    Your old paint brushes mixed with the flowers really caught my heart.
    How creative!

    I always enjoy being introduced to a new inspirting blog.

  11. That is awesome you two met, glad you had a good time! :)
    -Jessica & Holly



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