Friday, October 21, 2011

Design - A Beautiful and Gracious Dallas Home

I had the privilege and the pleasure of staying with my dear childhood friend , Darla, when I went back to Dallas for our high school reunion several weeks ago. 
  Darla and her husband live in an older neighborhood in the city, in an old English Tudor cottage that exudes charm from every corner.

After looking at drought ridden hill country fields of brown or dead grass for weeks on end this summer, it was a treat to see the lush shade of old trees and green lawns.

Darla's home is not overly decorated, but filled with exquisite antiques, art and lovely furnishings that she and her husband have collected over the years.

They both have incredibly good taste, and everything just fits, reflecting exactly who they are.
(yes, my favorite style of decorating)

This large light fixture in the living room is stunning. I asked if it was original to the house, and no, it is not.
They chose it for the house.
Didn't I tell you they have fabulous taste?

The library, just off of the main living room,  makes me want to curl up right now with a glass of wine and a good read.....or a good friend for a quiet visit.

 We share an interest in art, so my weekend was enriched by all of the great pieces here. This one in particular, by Darren Vigil Gray, is a favorite of mine. 
Can you spot the others  in the house by this magnificent New Mexico artist?

 Looking into the dining room from the living room.......

Wonderful, cozy kitchen filled with Mackenzie Childs pottery of all sorts.............

Oh yes, that is another fabulous fixture that the homeowners chose for themselves.
Wonderful backsplash that is not only fun and whimsical, it works beautifully with the MacKensie Childs pottery.

The patio and pool can be seen from the kitchen and was a wonderful spot to visit with our morning coffee.
 Love the outdoor fireplace.....and the basket and flowers in it! It will be a great spot for a fire in a month or so. Remember, this is Texas.

 I had the complete and total delight of staying in this cozy cocoon while I was there. 
Talk about a nice place to rest my weary head and body! 
I slept like I haven't slept in months.

 Gorgeous guest bath and powder room.

More beautiful art in the hallway to MY room!

Upstairs there is another full sitting room, less formal than downstairs and very comfortable.

A mix of folk art, traditional art, fine antique furnishings, big comfy upholstered pieces and more MacKensie - Childs makes this room a pleasure to be in .  

My eyes were darting here and there, spotting one wonderful thing after another!

Lovely bar with over the top FUN chairs!

Another childhood friend of ours stayed in this charming guest room. 

The dressing table was custom painted years ago by a very talented folk artist from Romania. 
What a piece of art in itself.

Good lighting, plush bedding, a beautiful view from the window - we really wanted to stay a lot longer than the weekend!

The master bedroom is also upstairs and opens on to the fabulous sitting room and bar. 

Who needs to go downstairs?

Okay, well maybe to cook ( I said maybe) and visit the pool now and then.

What a delight it was staying here. 

To be quite frank, I think I could move right in.

Thank you for your hospitality, Darla, 
(and that oh so patient and accommodating husband of yours!)  and for letting me share your beautiful and warm Dallas home.


  1. What an absolutely exquisite home! Your descriptions conveyed the warmth and hospitality that you experienced in this amazing setting. Thanks for the "peek"!

  2. What a lovely home! It is clear that the homeowners have exquisite taste and have collected their treasures over time. The best kind of decorating.

  3. Oh, what a lucky house guest! Hope you had fun at your reunion.

    My mother and I were just talking about you... well, actually your art (he he). We were painting the "great room" in my cabin today and discussing our "dream piece of art" for the big wall... I immediately said "Ann's Indian!" Though, I've not seen it in real life, it just speaks to me when I see it (in pictures).

    You'll have to come see what we've been up to... across the creek. I'll let you know once the workers are finished.

  4. I reside in Dallas and love to see home that are collected and not decorated. It's obvious your friend loves to be surrounded by beautiful things.

  5. What a lovely comfortable home. Her art is fabulous!

  6. Gorgeous!!! I just moved to Houston from DFW...I miss it!


  7. LOVE this warm, welcoming home. Thanks for sharing. My favorite is the pool! Kelly

  8. This is the second time I have come to enjoy this post.....this house. It's beautiful, yes....
    but so welcoming and interesting as well.
    Hope you had a great visit with
    old friends.

  9. You have varieties of home decors that needs to be maintained. Your house is an old fashioned design and very fabulous.

  10. Gorgeous home - thanks for sharing!

  11. Beautiful home and I DO love that unique iron chandelier. Must have been fun to stay there.

  12. That is one lovely home!
    That painted vanity is so pretty and I would die to have a pool and patio area like that!
    What a perfect place to stay with friends. Hope you had fun at your reunion.

  13. What a gorgeous home...absolutely adore the light fixtures and the art...stunning!!

  14. Such a beautiful home - it is beautiful but also feels welcoming and warm. Thanks for sharing!! xo Lindley

  15. I just stumbled onto your blog; and boy, am I glad I did!! I have truly been missing out!! LOVE IT!! I have lived in Houston, Austin, and now, Dallas. And I so miss the Hill Country! I am now your newest follower; and I hope you will follow me, too! Blessings to you!

  16. You had me at the front door.
    What a lovely home, full of personality, too. Sounds like you had a great time. Did you recognize everyone?

  17. awww, you removed the furniture scramble post ( or it went missing on its own ) I was going to revisit your beautiful home

  18. you are not kidding!!
    this is a very distinguished residence.
    the iron work drew me in.

    and the lovely little back yard with a pool.

  19. Could you ask Darla where she found those dried hydrangeas? I've been scouring stores and can't find any like that. Please contact me if you find out. I live close to Dallas and would gladly make a trip to buy some. Thank you so much. BTW, is her home by Whiterock lake? Or Highland Park? I love both areas as the landscaping is mature and the home are all so different.

  20. What a charming and well loved home. Adore the light fixtures!!

  21. you had me at Darrin Gray !



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