Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art - On My Radar Right Now

Several of my favorite artists have either current shows or shows coming up in the near future.
If you read my blog you will be familiar with them, each of whom I continue to follow and be intrigued by their amazing talent.

Fatima Ronquillo's new work debuted last night in Austin, Texas at the

Wally Workman Gallery.

 "Dog with Master's Eye II"

(I have not seen Fatima do dogs before - isn't he fabulous!?)

 The show is entitled "Devotion" and is a collection of works depicting different characters wearing "Lover's Eyes" in one form or another. 

I wrote about Lover's eye's here.

 This show is especially unique in that Fatima has expanded her already incredible talent by using water color and acrylics to  create some larger pieces.

While she does paint on large canvases occasionally, she is known for her jewel like small, oil paintings, each with a sense of old master and folk art at the same time. 

Her work is incredibly detailed and even though small, her paintings take days to complete.

The combination of folkiness and curiosity/quirkiness draw me to her work, making me smile, wonder, ponder, and sometimes cry.

I love old, traditional folk art.
Antique portraits are highly collected and appreciated, but have never called out "Take me home!" to me personally.

While I enjoy looking at and studying fine art, what I love and want to live with and look at every day  is a little quirkiness or humor,  beauty, deeper meaning............ Fatima covers it all!

 This sweet piece is called "The Dreamer" and is 40" X 30" - quite large for Fatima.

If you visit her website she will show you exactly the process she went through to paint this treasure. Such talent continues to blow me away!

Elegant, with a tear drop coming from this lover's eye, this piece is striking. It is called
"The Nostalgist" and is 20" X 16".

Finally, my favorite of her new work, and one that will be coming to my house to live, is called :

"The Runaways"
40" X 30"

I absolutely adore it!!!

Fatima shows at several other galleries in the United States. 

Check her website for more information.

Fellow Texan, Jon Flaming, is gearing up for a show at David Dike Gallery in Dallas. 

Jon is a longtime favorite of mine, both as a friend and an artist.

"The Saloon"

 His new series of paintings are based on  Friday night television westerns he watched while growing up during the sixties and seventies.

In a statement regarding this upcoming show,  David Dike says:

This show will contain works indicative of Flaming’s signature style. Many of the paintings mark a turning point in his approach that can be seen through his representation of figures and composition. The self-taught artist’s neo-regionalist style has both a folk art and Texas Regionalist look inspired by some of the Dallas Nine artists. Traditionally, the images and sentiment captured in Flaming’s work reminds the viewer the of the spirit of a time past; an era when small town Texas was occupied by salt-of-the earth folk who were content with hard work and the simple pleasures of stability and Grace. In his work you will often find signs of this life and work whether it’s renderings of a pick-up truck circa late 1950, farm tools leaning on an old farmhouse, a cherished cowboy hat, vacant motel or a cross.

"High Noon"

Don't you just know there is about to be a duel in the above painting. 
Meet me at high noon!

In this show one will see works in Jon's signature style, as the paintings above, but also a new style that is emerging from my talented friend. 

The new style is still bold in color and composition, but with shorter brush strokes, distinctive lines, and forms,  creating an abstract effect as seen below.

"The Hideout"

"Abandoned Movie Set - The Mission"

Again, David dike says it better than I  :
Not only is the technique vibrant, new and unlike any other, but the inspiration for Western Movie is just that; vibrant – the TV westerns in their time could transport a young mind to gallantly save the town, the girl or just be cool in a cowboy hat with a lit cigarette. 

Fortunately, I will be in Dallas for the opening on October 27 and am really looking forward to actually seeing Jon's new work.
 Last but never least, is another talented favorite of mine, 

 America also shows at Wally Workman Gallery in Austin and at Carver Hill in Rockland, Maine.  
(Aren't I the lucky girl to get to visit both galleries!?)

America had a grand show in Rockland earlier this summer at  Carver Hill, and the gallery just had another show this weekend featuring America and artist  Diane Schelble.
America Martin-rock-paper-scissors-72x78 

(Carver Hill Gallery)

Painting from America's website

Also from America's website 

America's command of color and line fascinate me.

As much as I can't even imagine having the talent to paint in such a detailed style as Fatima Ronquillo, I am equally amazed at the ease at which America captures the spirit of the human form and personality in what appear to be so few strokes.

This is a new piece at Wally Workman - oh how I love it. 

"Siren in a Sea Cave" 

Finally, another new piece at Wally Workman,
"Joy II"

I love following these artists and hope you have enjoyed this update.

 What you think? What kind of art speaks to you? Do you buy art you just love, or do you tend to buy art to fit a space or a certain decor? 

I love talking about art, so let me hear from you! 

As always, thank you so much for reading Hill Country House, and happy Sunday!!



  1. love these works of art too. Love the master's eye series.

  2. I love all of these artists and did not know about them until reading your post. I'm definitely going to check them out. I buy art because I love it and then figure out what to do with it. Thank you for introducing me to these artists.

  3. I enjoy all the art you've showcased, and can see from postings of your home and its furnishings that these pieces would all find a happy home with you.

  4. I love all sorts of art, especially that we all love different things. One's love of art is almost like a fingerprint - so unique. :D

    xo Terri

  5. A terrific summary Ann! I particularly love High Noon. :) In my own home I definitely go for art I love as opposed to a certain decor, although my decorating style is quite neutral to begin with so I guess everything fits in regardless. Thanks for posting!

  6. Such interesting work, Ann. I really love David Dike's "Hideout". I can just see some of his paintings in a Houston company's corporate offices, showing some true Texas grit!

  7. Thank you for the love and sorry I missed you when you were at Wally's. I'm so glad you like these new works... and bringing some home to accompany the others. I got to see America's wonderful work at WW and can't wait to see Jon Flaming's in person. His works are fabulous and thanks for introducing them to me. You have a great eye.

  8. I love your taste in Art! And I especially love to see you write about it in your amazing blog. I buy art because I love it and then figure out what to do with it next. I just wish I could buy more of it.

  9. Oh my gosh "The Runaways" is a spectacular piece and you are sure to enjoy it every single day!!!

    Such an informative and pleasant post.

  10. Great examples!!!!! I love the girl with the gossamer like dress..
    Always something interestinghere Ann.....Maryanne xo

  11. well, i liked to get to know about one more talented artist. thanks for talking about fatima and explaining her work

  12. I love seeing the artists! :-) I found you through a house blog but stayed because of the artist - particularly Jon Flaming's big work that you showed.

    It's always a mistake for me to buy art to match my decorating. I have never regretted buying a painting that I like, because it always fits somewhere.

  13. This photo’s was very lovely and amazing. I love it. Really an artwork. Big thanks and keep sharing.

    Charles A



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