Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Come in to the Breakfast Room

If you were to step outside from the dining room, you could enter another part of the house from the porch that wraps around the front of the house.
The open door leads to the wrap around porch that was so common to the old German houses. The porch you see runs along the outside of the dining room and the door at the end opens to the living room.
We were not the original owners of this house. The people who built it wanted an old fashioned breakfast room. The window looks out onto the front yard and catches beautiful morning sunlight. I have some of my collection of old Mexican pottery on the plate shelf on the far wall. I found most of the pieces in the U.S. at estate sales and auctions. It is not as easy to find anymore as it has become more popular to collect. Many people used to buy the pottery on their vacations to Mexico and bring it home as souvenirs. There are many patterns specific to different regions of Mexico. On the wall above the window I have more of the Gorky Gonzalez pottery collection.


  1. Love your blog! Welcome to blogland, you look like you have been at this for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely home.

  2. Thank you Sue! I hope to get more posted this weekend and then get started on some more hill country houses! I am a bit slow but am getting the hang of it.



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